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January 2011



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Child Seclusion

Dear Parent Advocates,

At it’s meeting on January 13, APRAIS members http://aprais.tash.org/MemberOrganizations.htm (Alliance for the Prevention of Restraint, Aversive Interventions and Seclusion) reviewed the opportunity to further our advocacy efforts for effective federal legislation in all 50 states to reduce and prevent restraint and seclusion use in public schools, or in schools that serve students who are receiving educational services through the use of federal funds.

Through APRAIS, we have an opportunity to continue an effort to pass effective federal legislation to reduce and prevent restraint and seclusion use in schools. The practice of restraint and seclusion presents a very serious health and safety risk to all students, and is most often used to control behavior of young students with disabilities and non compliance issues. Restraint should only be used as a very last resort and when behavior poses an imminent danger and substantial risk of physical injury to the student or others. Protections for students are long overdue. Each day we delay, school children are traumatized, injured and killed.

Seclusion/Solitary Confinement should NEVER be used on children with disabilities. If School Districts have the money to build seclusion rooms, they should have the money to build comfort or sensory rooms to help our children when they become overwhelmed. Our children are not criminals and do not deserve to be locked up in seclusion/solitary confinement rooms.

APRAIS plans to hire experienced federal education legislation to help educate Congressional members and work toward passage of a strong bill. Each organization is going to try and raise $1,000 by January 31st. Please help “Families Against Restraint and Seclusion” by supporting our cause to stop restraint, seclusion and aversive treatments used on our children by making a contribution of $10 (or more if you can). TASH will act as the fiscal agent, and donations can be made out to “TASH” for “Restraint and Seclusion Advocacy” at http://www.tash.org/index.html (Go to the top right side of the screen for information). Please identify yourself as a parent advocate (next to your name) when making your donation.

PLEASE help stop the unnecessary use of restraint and seclusion used on our children with disabilities in the public school system by supporting our cause. Our children are counting on us to keep them safe.

Please email us back if you have any questions or concerns and please pass this on to other parent advocates and others who would like to support this cause.


Phyllis Musumeci


Anna Moore


Families Against Restraint and Seclusion


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