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Rory Hoy 

10 August 2009

AN AUTISTIC musician is celebrating after his new record made it onto a BBC Radio playlist.

Rory Hoy, 21, from Birkham View, Knaresborough, said he was ecstatic that his song Y’Know What I’m Sayin’ had been played on Craig Charles’ BBC Radio 6 show.

“I was so surprised it was played, I’m just thrilled by that, ” he said.

The track is from Standing on Dust, Rory’s new record, which follows last year’s Cosmic Child.

“It’s more funk-influenced than the last one, a mixture of funk music, breakbeats and hip-hop, with twanging wah-wah guitars, ” the former St Aidan’s pupil said.

“It’s more dance-friendly really, though there are some chill-out tunes as well. I don’t sing on it, but I do a bit of scratching and sampling.”

Rory was signed to American DJ Freddy Fresh’s label Howlin’ Records last year. He lists his other influences as Fatboy Slim, DJ Shadow and The Chemical Brothers.


His first album was released to excellent reviews, winning words of praise from group Jurassic 5, and Standing on Dust has met with a similar response.

“I’m absolutely delighted by all the things people have been saying, ” Rory said.

His DVD, Autism and Me, has also proved extremely popular, winning six national awards, one of which was presented by Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels director Guy Ritchie. Rory explained why he wanted to make the 20-minute film.

“There are lots of books written by non-autistic people and they don’t know what it’s like to be autistic, just as I don’t know what it’s like be non-autistic, ” he said.

“I thought it would be good to explain everything.”

As well as his endeavours in music and film, Rory works as a video technician at St Aidan’s and spends Thursday at St John’s School in Knaresborough, teaching pupils about computers.

“I absolutely love doing it, ” he said.

For more about Rory, go to: http://www.myspace.com/roryhoy

Read Article in Full:  http://www.wetherbynews.co.uk/harrogate-news/FEATURE–Musician-making-waves.5539877.jp

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