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January 2011



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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – As a child, he was called quirky or eccentric, and it was not until he was well into adulthood that the true diagnoses came, explaining so much about his past and future.

33-year-old Nick Dubin is a confident, successful author, but looking back at his life, he sees a different little boy.

“When I was in second grade, I was trying to open the door to a classroom. I was turning the door clockwise, and I was so rigid in my thinking that I didn’t think that the door could be turned counterclockwise. The teacher proceeded to humiliate me because I couldn’t open the door,” Dubin said.

Growing up in Birmingham, Dubin always felt he did not quite fit in, but it was not until he turned 27 that he was diagnosed with a disorder on the autism spectrum called Asperger’s syndrome.

“All the pieces of the puzzle weren’t put together until I myself suspected it. I went to a neuropsychologist, got the diagnosis and ever since then, it’s pretty much been a weight lifted off my back because I have a self understanding that I didn’t have before,” said Dubin.

Asperger’s Syndrome has always been tricky to diagnose. In fact, it was only formally recognized as a developmental disorder in 1994. It has often been refereed to as high functioning autism, but the symptoms can be very subtle. It is often the socially awkward child, the child who does not understand social boundaries, does not make eye contact or the child who becomes overly focused on one interest.

Read in Full(Includes Video):  http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/health/090612_durbin_aspbergers

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