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January 2011



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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly


Novelty Warehouse

Autistic children often benefit hugely from sensory materials, as they aid positive play by stimulating the senses, encouraging communication and developing motor skills. They can also help divert challenging behaviour by providing an appropriate alternative. For nearly two years, The Novelty Warehouse has been selling exciting yet affordable sensory toys to suit every need. With over 800 items to choose from, you will find a huge variety of sensory toys on their website, from light-up goodies to blow toys to fidget items. The Novelty Warehouse is offering NAS members a five per cent discount through their website, www.thenoveltywarehouse.com  At the checkout stage, simply enter the code JHBMH521. This code is for one transaction only, per person.

“At an appointment I had to attend, the toy was a lifesaver in keeping my son entertained for the whole time.”

NAS member, Suffolk

“The website is very clear and easy-to-navigate, and the toys are good value and interesting.”

NAS member, East Anglia

Puppets By Post


Puppets By Post was formed in 1999 by Peter and Sue Lockey with the aim of offering the largest range of puppets anywhere. With backgrounds in teaching, the couple saw how puppets can capture a child’s imagination and can really benefit a child with special educational needs, in both the classroom and at home. They are non-threatening, non-judgemental and are something fun and positive to focus on. This can be of great benefit to autistic people as puppets are both stimulating and visually interesting.

“My son thought the puppet rabbit was great and we have been using it for all sorts of things, including the rabbit encouraging him to count.”

NAS member, Bedfordshire

“My son stayed focused on a story told using the puppet longer than he usually does reading a new book. I managed to make him laugh!”

NAS member, London

Puppets By Post are offering all NAS members a 15 per cent discount on all orders through their website at www.puppetsbypost.com Simply enter the code ‘Communication Offer 15%’ in the special instructions box during the checkout process.

My Party Angel

Organising a party can be tough work, with food, decorations, games and party bags to consider. This fantastic website sells a range of products from invites to fancy dress and games, to help you organise a party for your children, along with lots of great gift ideas for the whole family. With a commitment to raising funds for both local and national charities, this is a company that really cares about communities, as well as making sure that you have a great party or find that perfect gift. There is a 10% discount on all orders through www.mypartyangel.co.uk Just enter the code NASDISC into the discount coupon box during the checkout process. 

Pingu Stocking ~ NAS Charity Product 

And don’t forget …

NAS Christmas cards are still available from www.autism.org.uk/christmascards

The NAS is pleased to bring these offers to our members. However, please note we do not provide any warranty or guarantee as to the safety or suitability of these products either generally or in respect of autistic people. The exclusive NAS member discounts run until 28 February 2010.

Product reviews are the opinions of the NAS members providing them, and are not influenced or necessarily endorsed by the NAS.


Further information

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of year. However, with change occurring in all aspects of life from routines to decorations appearing in homes, schools and workplaces, it can become an incredibly stressful time for autistic people and their families. Thinking about these changes as early as possible and preparing the autistic child or adult in your family for them can help remove a lot of anxieties.

The NAS produces two information sheets which may help to make Christmas enjoyable – or at least more bearable! – for all the family. They are Christmas and autism spectrum disorders and Ten ideas for a happy Christmas. These and many other NAS information sheets are available from the NAS Autism Helpline on 0845 070 4004 or to download at www.autism.org.k/a-z

Top Christmas Tips

Advent calendars can be very useful, not only to count down to Christmas, but also to plan what day the decorations will be put up or on which day visitors will be arriving.
Keeping Christmas decorations and activities to certain rooms means that the rest of the house can be a calmer, Christmas-free zone, where the autistic person in your family can retreat, if the festivities become overwhelming.
Make sure you have plenty of batteries for any electronic toys that you have bought as presents, and spares for surprise gifts. It can be incredibly frustrating having a new toy but being unable to play with it!
Watch out for tags and bows on presents. These can be easily removed and even swallowed. Sticker tags or writing names on the wrapping paper is a better alternative.

  Be careful with chocolate tree decorations. Other non-edible decorations on the tree could be mistaken for chocolate ones and accidentally bitten or eaten.


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