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January 2011



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“I was about to give up my course, but the support that Prospects gave me enabled me to continue my studies.” PhD student, University of London

We offer support to students with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who are in further or higher education. Our student support service is tailored to individual need, but commonly covers time management; organisational skills; personal management; communication skills; social skills; and dealing with the transition to university life.

We also provide ASD awareness training days for academic and support staff at universities and colleges across the UK. Download the flyer ‘Asperger syndrome awareness training’ at the bottom of this page for more details.

Our student support service aims to:

  • make sure that staff working with students have an awareness of ASD
  • identify realistic adaptations that can be put in place to support students
  • identify areas where students may have social and communication difficulties and discuss ways of addressing these
  • define the different areas of responsibility that staff have, so that students know who they can approach about different issues
  • identify a mentor who we can give awareness training to
  • increase students’ ability to cope independently at college or university.

The support is run on an appointment basis: our employment consultants can meet students at their college or university, or students can visit our offices, if this is practical. We have offices in London and Glasgow.

Our student support service is funded by students’ Disability Student Allowance (DSA). This must be in place before we can offer our service, unless funding is available from other sources.

As we are funded through DSA, our main aims are to make sure everyone involved with the student has an understanding of ASD, and that the student is clear about the work they must do in order to complete their course.

As each student’s needs are different we suggest that students, or a representative, contact us to talk about what support is available and if our service can meet their needs.

Contact us
To find out more about our student support service and costs, contact:

Vicky Little
Student and Graduate Support Co-ordinator
Tel: 020 7704 7450
Email: victoria.little@nas.org.uk

If you live or study in Scotland, contact:

Anna Williamson (Scotland)
Tel: 0141 285 7104
Email: anna.williamson@nas.org.uk

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Prospects student workshops
We offer six different workshops for people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who are currently studying at university. All the workshops take place at our offices in London.

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