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Waretown, NJ    Jun 10, 2010 in iPhone

[prMac.com] Union City, California – Announcing that Sulaba Inc., the developers of Journal Diary, has released their latest update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The application provides a creative venue for users to express themselves in a multimedia format. Rather than holding in stress, users can record text, audio and photographic impressions, ideas or even the good stuff, like important happy memories. Journal Diary allows for quick entries on the spot, so users can fit them in during a busy day.

Society’s current hectic pace creates high stress levels, resulting in illness, relationship problems and other stress related issues. People no longer take the time to vent themselves creatively to release that pressure, which only continues to build until the body reacts somehow to stop it, or it bleeds out into other areas of a person’s life to stir up even more strife.

Journal Diary has been developed to help. “People are stressed out more than before in this fast moving world because they don’t express their feelings or write in some form,” says Sulaba’s CEO, Natarajan Sambamoorthy.

Sambamoorthy believes that current stress levels are, at least in part, even to blame for Autism, “Stress is the fundamental reason that autism is on the rise. Parental genes got mutated by keeping their stress levels at an all time high. This app intends to help current and future generations by expressing their emoticons, voice recordings and background pictures for each day.”

Most anyone can use Journal Diary, including those with some physical limitation and people with Autism. If a person can tap an emoticon, they can express themselves in the app. With Autistics, the daily emoticon recordings can be shown to a doctor, who can gauge how the patient is doing.

Of course, users don’t have to be stressed out to use Journal Diary. It works like any diary, providing a safe haven for recording daily happenings, special events or thoughts and the like. There is optional password protection to keep all entries securely private.

Read in Full:  http://prmac.com/release-id-13620.htm

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