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January 2011



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 UK School

An autistic schoolboy who is in class for only an hour and a half each day is being discriminated against, according to his angry mother.

Brodi Nicol, a P6 pupil at Tayport Primary School, had his time in class slashed when he started becoming violent.

But a year on, his mum Charmain Miller is furious that his class time has yet to be built up as she says was agreed.

Charmain said Brodi, who was diagnosed with autism at around the same time as his school time was reduced, has stabilised since being prescribed medication.

She said, “Despite my best efforts his time has not been increased and he is falling behind his peers educationally and socially.

“I also recently found out from another parent that the rest of his class have been going on swimming lessons and school trips that Brodi has not been invited on.

“I believe he is being discriminated against because of his disability.”

Brodi’s autism means that he has trouble communicating and does not like change.

However, Charmain said he was quite intelligent and had an interest in history.

Read in Full:  http://www.thecourier.co.uk/News/Fife/article/5333/autistic-boy-discriminated-against-by-school-says-mum.html

 photograph of Petersburg Elementary School

Incident at Petersburg school has autistic boy’s mother worried

September 23, 2010

Cumberland Times News

— My son is a special needs child at Petersburg Elementary School in Grant County, W.Va.

He is autistic, and has no fear of danger. He is supposed to have an aide at all times while at school. He has one on the bus, also. On Sept. 15 at 2:30 p.m., I recieved a call from the school subsitute principal. He told me nothing was wrong, so I was relieved, but then he said, they had a small problem with my child that day.

I thought it was just his small classroom problem he had the week prior to this day … no, he was out on the playground and he wandered off, not sure where his aide was, but there was another aide out there with another child, so my child got out of sight, down along the dike (river) he went and ended up being caught finally between the Pizza Hut and McDonald’s on U.S. Route 220, which is at least a half mile from the school.

Remember, I said my son has no fear of danger. Well, there was the river, the back roads he went by, and then the main highway he got too … something bad could have come out of this. Would any parent in their right mind worry or be scared to send their child to school again? Well, I am one of those parents … but the ones that deal with him at school think I am going too far.

Read in Full:  http://times-news.com/opinion/x1327125303/Incident-at-Petersburg-school-has-autistic-boy-s-mother-worried

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