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January 2011



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By Claire Hack 

A Leyton mother claims she ‘went through hell’ to get a diagnosis of her daughter’s learning difficulties

A MOTHER claims she went through ‘three years of hell’ before her daughter was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

The North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT) has since admitted one of its doctors acted unprofessionally and has apologised.

Mrs A, who asked the Guardian to conceal her identity, also claimed her own health was scrutinised rather than her daughter’s after comments were made about her use of a wheelchair.

She said: “I went through hell for three years. I was asked about what medication I was taking – it seemed a bit suspect.

“I was accused of having Munchausen by Proxy and inventing illnesses for my daughter.”

She first saw doctors at the children’s centre at Thorpe Coombe Hospital in November 2006 after her daughter, then six, was referred by her family GP.

Mrs A, of Leyton, said her daughter’s school suspected autism, leading to her referral to Thorpe Coombe.

The family was seen by a Dr Steve Isaacs, who did not acknowledge there was anything seriously wrong with the child but referred her to Great Ormond Street Hospital for a second opinion.

Mrs A said: “My daughter was put into mainstream school and her statement of special educational needs was stopped. She was quite significantly behind everybody else her age.”

She added her daughter should have been given an independent referral to Great Ormond Street, but Dr Isaacs did this.

His senior manager should have done this, to ensure future assessments were not influenced.

Great Ormond Street first assessed the child in 2007 but did not find evidence of autism.

The issue was raised with NELFT at a meeting in November 2008 and Mrs A received a letter from operational director of specialist services Sue Boon in March 2009.

The letter apologises for several aspects Dr Isaacs’ conduct, including the fact the referral to Great Ormond Street not independent.

Read Article in Full:  http://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/whereilive/localheadlines/4582604.LEYTON__Mother_s__three_years_of_hell__over_Asperger_s_diagnosis_for_daughter/#show

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