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 Chronic fatigue symptoms include an overwhelming sense of weariness that is not eased much by sleep (file picture)

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:59 PM on 29th April 2010

A pioneering doctor who specialises in treating people with chronic fatigue syndrome went before the General Medical Council today over claims her treatment has ‘no clinical basis’.

Dr Sarah Myhill could be forced to remove clinical and nutritional advice from her website amid fears it is a ‘risk to patient safety.’

The chronic fatigue syndrome specialist advocates alternative treatments including vitamin and mineral supplements to patients from her private practice in Powys, Wales.

But she is now the subject of a GMC investigation after complaints have emerged about her advice.

Dr Mayhill’s outraged supporters have launched an online campaign to save her from they perceive as a ‘witch-hunt’ at the hands of her governing body.

A panel of experts will now decide whether the doctor’s registration should be restricted and subject matter removed from her website during the investigation.

Dr Myhill allegedly provided ‘inappropriate’ treatment to a patient last year after she recommended vitamin and magnesium injections for suspected chronic fatigue syndrome, also know as ME.

A group of eight GPs complained about this patient’s treatment in June 2009, the hearing in central London was told.

Another anonymous complaint from a ‘clinical scientist’ was made in February this year about her website.

The GMC had denied claims of an organised ‘campaign’ against Dr Myhill.

Gary Summers for the GMC said: ‘It needs to be said clearly that the GMC has received two independent complaints which are before you today and has not launched a campaign against this doctor.

‘The GMC’s role is to investigate these complaints without fear or favour. The GMC will not allow the blizzard of email and web traffic to bend us off course.’ 

The group of Yorkshire doctors, who have not been identified, claim Dr Myhill’s advice had ‘no clinical benefit’.

She had recommended the patient seek help in administering vitamin B12 and magnesium injections from the surgery.

Read in Full:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1269823/Chronic-fatigue-syndrome-specialist-treating-patients-clinical-basis.html?ITO=1490

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