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July 30, 5:02 PMSF Autism & Parenting ExaminerLaura Shumaker


A trio of autism advocates are bringing their shared personal and professional
experiences to audiences interested in learning how autism effects females to
SAN FRANCISCO. Celebrating Females with Autism Spectrum Disorders introduces, Exhaling Beauty: an Evening Celebrating Females on the Autism Spectrum. It’s a new and innovative educational and advocacy program bringing females with autism together in a relaxed setting over wine and cheese, art, music and relaxed presentations.


The celebrations will begin in San Francisco and continue to Connecticut as it makes its way around
other cities within and then beyond the US. Sponsors include Jessica Kingsley Publishing, Autism Spectrum Quarterly of Starfish Press, and Spectrum Training Systems Inc.


The mission of Celebrating Females with ASD is to support, encourage and inspire women and girls on the autism spectrum through community awareness programs, publications, presentations and community networking. The group is the shared vision of Liane Holliday Willey, Shana Nichols and Rudy Simone, a trio of best-selling authors and motivational speakers in the field of autism research, advocacy and education.

“Research reports males are four times more likely to have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than females,”says Holliday Willey, “but most in the field debate these reports contending females are better able to hide their autism, less likely to be identified as having an ASD, and typically misdiagnosed with other bio-neurological and psychological disorders.”


“Females with autism do not present with obvious differences when compared to males with autism,” says Holliday Willey, ” This reality most often leads to a disenfranchised life of chaos, employment and relationship struggles, and depression. It is a reality we need to change.”

Applications are now being accepted to become a Sponsor or Exhibiting Artist. Please contact Liane Holliday Willey at 616.446.6614 or aspienews@yahoo.com. The event is to be held on Sept 18, 2010 from 6-10pm at The Hotel Monaco, in San Francisco, CA.


About the presenters:
Holliday Willey is an individual with Asperger syndrome who holds a doctorate in
psycholinguistics who specializes in language and communication strategies for people with autism. She has been featured in the USA Today, Psychology Today, the New York Times, ABC online, the Infinite Mind, NPR, and dozens of other media outlets.

Rudy Simone is an individual with Asperger syndrome trained in counseling and holistic mental health, who specializes in the areas of employment, relationships and female Aspergers. Simone has been seen in such publications as the NY Times and London Daily Mail.


Shana Nichols, PhD is a clinical psychologist, researcher, and lecturer who specializes in female ASD. She is a sought-after speaker internationally and has been featured on ABC News Nightline, Psychology Today, Interactive Autism Network, and Express UK. All three presenters are internationally popular speakers with best selling books to their credit.



Liane Holliday Willey (616-446-1808) aspienews@yahoo.com, www.aspie.com
Rudy Simone (phone) rudy@help4aspergers.com,  www.help4aspergers.com
Shana Nichols (631-923-0923) drshananichols@gmail.com,  www.shananicholsphd.com




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