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January 2011



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By Virin Gomber 

Most businesses start with a commercial focus and then adopt a corporate and social responsibility vision. But some businesses stand out in that they are formed with a long term vision of benefitting the society.

Pat Baker with the planner.
Pat Baker with the planner.

With such a vision in mind, Pat Baker started the I Can Do It! Program about three years ago to help children by teaching them about working as a team while learning life-skills and social values. “It’s a fun and interactive family and school management solution, which employs easy to use, tried and trusted practical strategies,” Pat told BtoB.

“Having a background in product development, I designed and came up with this program for my own family after more than 18 months of research and development,” Pat said.

The I Can Do It! Planner motivates kids to make a valid contribution around the house and enjoy the interactive appeal that engages and motivates the entire family.  The Planner, made out of durable, heavy duty recyclable vinyl, hangs on the wall as a constant reminder and visual prompt, for regular everyday use.

Pat believes if children are not motivated, inspired and challenged in their daily lives they may not reach their full potential. “I Can Do It specifically targets all demographics and age groups. It has the potential to benefit entire families, children in classroom environment, and most parents as well,” she added.

The 'I Can Do It' planner.
The ‘I Can Do It’ planner.

“You can custom-make it to suit to specific environments and individuals, from two year olds to adults; it’s a time and family management system that can help anyone.”

The program is already quite popular, according to Pat, being used by kinder care centres across the country, special needs homes, schools and families. It’s also endorsed by a few organisations, including Autism NZ.

“I recommend the planner because it incorporates many of the tried and trusted ideas developed over the years. The planner allows families to develop skills for themselves and to move forward. I Can Do It helps children to develop the kinds of self management, time management and organisational skills they need in their daily lives to become successful independent adults,” Registered Psychologist, Alison Kirby, said.

“I am delighted to recommend the ‘I Can Do It’ Programme to people with special needs, brain injury conditions, dyslexia, autism and other such conditions. This programme incorporates many of the trusted pedagogical ideas in the field of psychology. It’s a good resource for teaching people of all ages goal setting, time management, prioritisation, negotiations and organisation,” Registered Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist, Prakash Grover, said.

Sounding upbeat about its success, Pat said they are constantly adding value to the program. “With regular inputs from psychologists, teachers, occupational therapists, principals and parents, the program is constantly evolving and new ideas being received through forums,” she said.

Having successfully established the program in New Zealand, Pat is looking for distributors in other countries, particularly Australia, USA and UK.

“We’re not stopping here with this; there are another two programs to be rolled out soon, one diet related and the other one an adult-oriented program.”

Source:  http://www.btob.co.nz/cms/news_feature/2010/02/business_with_social_benefits.php

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