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January 2011



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Finding good info on autism is hard when you’re new at  the game.There are a lot of groups “helping” autistic communities right now. There is one though that while the loudest, is NOT representing the communities best interest. The “voice of Autism” should only be provided by autistics. Hype and rhetoric and money going to spreading more hype really aren’t helping. It’s actually hurting the autistic community. When reading about groups, make sure to check that there are autistic adults involved. They do exist, can “speak” for themselves, and should be a part of the group since they understand the disorder.

A couple of well known and well backed groups have even put out movies which have been set up to make the disorder look horrible and have had people act out terrible scenarios. Some groups want assimilation and even tests to make sure this disorder disappears. Groups put lies on their websites and are creating fear mongering and discrimination against people on the spectrum. Beware these very visible groups! Another group is advocating that autism has to be cured via very dangerous methods.

Words hurt
There have been so very many words tossed around lately that are driving the autism community crazy.
 1. Cure. Really? There’s nothing to cure. There are behaviors to manage. Wouldn’t you have missed the likes of Edison, Einstein (both thought to be on the spectrum) and Dan Aykroyd (diagnosed with asperger’s) ? See my earlier article on “What X-Men can teach us….”. There is a commercial on VH1, that is insulting at best, about stopping autism now.

2. Epidemic. Do you know what an epidemic is? It is spread from person to person contact. People are actually thinking that their children can “catch” autism. Neurological differences aren’t an epidemic. I thought melting pot described things like religion, race, and thinking.There is a petition online to remove this phrase of “autism epidemic”.

Watch for “cures/helps
Wow. There are literally hurtful things going on. Some parents believe in autistic blood and are removing that blood to help their children. Seriously. This could not only severely hurt the child, but traumatize them far worse than autism will. Also, avoiding all vaccines has never been an idea. People talk about breaking up the schedule. Refusing all vaccines though is a dangerous game for everyone. The vaccines are for diseases that can kill or mame people. Autism is a neurological difference. The thought of avoiding all vaccines is putting the nation as a whole in danger.

And, medicines that cure….. If some guy says he has this oil he got from a snake–run. There are blood tests that can be run for vitamin deficiencies or wheat allergies. Before you start a vitamin regimen or diet change, look into having blood work done just to know where you stand. Don’t do anything drastic without talking to a trusted pediatrician or neurologist. Click on this link for a fun article about whether or not Haagen-Dazs can “cure” autism.

There are so many things to read out there and so many loud voices on their soapboxes it’s hard to know what to believe. Remember, you’re best off if you do your homework and listen to that still, small voice inside. Below is a great video of  how autism adds to our society. A project called The Autism Acceptance Project (TAAP).There is a great line from an autistic man on it – “people who think your disability is a sickness need to be cured of their ignorant attitude.” I’m glad the autistic community is “speaking” up for itself.

Source(Includes TAAP YouTube Video):   http://www.examiner.com/x-10241-Portland-Autism–Parenting-Examiner~y2009m7d1-The-dark-side-of-parenting-an-autistic-child

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