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January 2011



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Windsurf Publishing LLC offers a new book called What Can You Expect When You Fly? by Maureen Lagana for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. What Can You Expect When You Fly? was created to help reduce the stress of airline travel for children with autism who benefit from knowing what to expect in advance.


Greenwich, CT (PRWEB) November 26, 2010


Windsurf Publishing LLC now offers a book for children on the autism spectrum to help prepare them for airport and airplane travel. Many children with autism and other developmental disabilities have challenges in public settings such as airports. Airport travel can be quite difficult because many children with autism can get overwhelmed from the crowds of people, noises, demands of standing on long lines, and going through airport security. What Can You Expect When You Fly? by Maureen Lagana is written by someone who knows. The author is the mother of a child with autism who is also the narrator of this book. And yes, in real life he is on the autism spectrum. Pictures and text in this book are used to both visually and verbally prepare these children for airplane travel.


Maureen Lagana remembers when her son didn’t travel as well as he does now. There was a time when it was particularly challenging because her child would not be able to stand in the long lines at the airport without getting upset and having some anxiety. Yet, although her son travels much better now, she doesn’t think there is enough substantive support for families with children with autism at our airports nationwide. She feels that in her experience there was no one to go to for assistance if needed and that most airports do not have enough proactive protocols in place to help families with children with autism. As airplane security and travel is increasingly getting more invasive on people, this should be a concern of airport personnel and policy. Many children with autism get very upset when people touch them. For some, it could feel like someone is hurting them. And for many others standing still, even for a few seconds or minutes through an airline security machine, can be challenging. What kinds of accommodations are going to be made for these children? And what is most concerning to Windsurf Publishing LLC, who is supportive to families with autism, is whom can you go to if you need assistance?


What Can You Expect When You Fly? is a book that can help many children with autism that are not yet comfortable during airport and airplane travel. It is a what to expect book just for children with autism and other disabilities. You can rehearse what to expect with your son or daughter and help to prepare them for a future trip. While Windsurf Publishing LLC is pleased to make this title available, it’s timing is interesting. Airline companies are starting to get involved in mock flight preparation for children with autism that need it. While Windsurf Publishing LLC thinks this is great, Windsurf Publishing LLC also feels that there are still much needed interpersonal protocols for airport personnel and how they treat individuals with autism and their families.



What Can You Expect When You Fly? by Maureen Lagana is available at Amazon online, Barnes and Noble online, and many others internationally.




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