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This is Emma Jane-Cross, CEO of Beatbullying’s avatar

During the week, Beat Bullying will be hosting an online march called The Big March heading for 10 Downing Street, where marchers will hand over a petition to a virtual David Cameron asking Government for help to protect children from bullying, violence and harassment.

To mark the launch of Anti-Bullying Week 2010 on Monday, 15 November, The Big March will see tens of thousands of avatars of children, parents, teachers and celebrities march across computer screens via over thirty charities’ and organisations’ websites to take a stand against bullying.

A campaign website, The Big March Park, is open from 15 September and is packed with interactive content areas, virtual tents pitched by charities such as Hansard Society and Action For Children, and companies like Google and Facebook, where children, parents and teachers alike can engage with a variety of educational and fun activities promoting children’s wellbeing. Activities cover themes like e-safety, bullying prevention, how to get involved in campaigning, and with lesson plans and a parents’ area, it offers something to parents, teachers and kids alike.

Beatbullying is also encouraging the Government to set up a Big March Bullying Commission to investigate how Government, schools, families and communities can reduce incidents of bullying and give children a life free from violence and harassment.

MediaCom is helping Beatbullying to raise the profile of the campaign and promote the activity worldwide.  Media brands such as MTV, Facebook, First News, Bliss magazine, News of the World, Real Radio, Jazzy Media, M&C Saatchi, MediaCom and The Sun and companies and brands including Google, the Metropolitan Police, TOTAL Little Learners, Robinson’s Fruit Shoot, Barry M, Stardoll, Piczo, Pom Bear, Habbo, Mumsnet, Girlguiding UK and the National Union of Students, have allowed the Big March to walk across their websites.

Celebrities and opinion formers as diverse as Beatbullying ambassador Aston Merrygold, Freddie Flintoff, Sir Michael Parkinson, CyberMentors’ President, Professor Tanya Byron, Children’s Commissioner Maggie Atkinson and top girl band The Saturdays have joined the petition to end bullying.

You can join The Big March by becoming a fan on Facebook, following on Twitter (#bigmarch), wearing your Beatbullying Big March Sillybandz with pride or by visiting the Big March Park at www.beatbullying.org/bigmarch. It doesn’t matter how you do it – it’s your support that counts.

Source/View Film re Bullying & Autism(05:53):  http://www.autism.org.uk/news-and-events/news-from-the-nas/anti-bullying-week-starts-15-november.aspx

 Pixie Lott

Lott backing anti-bullying campaign

Wednesday, November 3 03:26 pm

Pop singer Pixie Lott has offered up one of her songs to accompany an anti-bullying drive. 

The Turn It Up hitmaker has allowed the Beatbulllying organisation to use her track Get Weak to promote their Big March campaign, which is calling for a government law against school bullying.

Lott says, “As an ambassador of Beatbullying I know that anyone can be a victim of bullying – it’s not embarrassing!

“Tall or short, skinny or big, they always find something to pick at. Don’t let them win. If you’re determined to make it, you can and you will.”

Source:  http://uk.news.yahoo.com/1/20101103/ten-lott-backing-anti-bullying-campaign-c60bd6d.html


Bullying On School Run ‘Goes Unreported’

 Monday, 15 November, 2010.

Nearly half of all 11 to 16-year-olds see bullying on the way to or from school, new research has revealed at the start of national Anti-Bullying Week.

Around 43% of those surveyed said they saw bullying on the school run but only half of those reported it, a study by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) has found.

The research discovered 47% of those who witnessed bullying did not report it, with 50% of 13-16 year olds failing to do so.

Of the young people who did not report bullying incidents, 44% said they believed it was none of their business and 10% said they did not know who to tell.

ABA chairwoman Ross Hendry said: “This research shows us that a significant number of children and young people in England are suffering from bullying on their school journey.

“Whether they travel by bus, car, public transport or if they walk to school we need to make sure they are protected.

“It’s of great concern that nearly half of young people who see others being bullied do not report it and that such a large proportion don’t think its any of their business to do so.”

Former boxer Joe Calzaghe, who is supporting the campaign, told Sky News cyber-bullying was also a problem.

He said: “Children are still getting harassed online, on websites – it’s a big big problem and it has to be sorted out.”

The report was released as Beatbullying, a separate anti-bullying charity, prepares to launch a “digital demonstration” in support of children’s rights.

More than 750,000 people, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, have created virtual avatars that will “march” across around 60 partner websites against bullying.

Visitors to the sites will see the avatars crossing their computer screens carrying banners bearing customised anti-bullying slogans.

And on Wednesday, a group of bullying victims and their families will meet Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

A spokesman for the Department for Education said: “It’s simply unacceptable for a child to be victimised, whether it’s in or out of school.

“That is why we will put heads and teachers back in control, giving them a range of tough new powers to deal with bullies and the most disruptive pupils.

“Heads will be able to take a zero-tolerance approach and will have the final say – both in and outside of school.”

Dr Katherine Rake, chief executive of the Family and Parenting Institute, said greater interaction between parents and teachers could help protect children from bullying, but added it is less common at secondary schools than primaries.

“Thankfully, a culture change is already under way in terms of parental engagement with schools,” Dr Rake added.

Source:  http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20101115/tuk-bullying-on-school-run-goes-unreport-45dbed5.html

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