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First Published Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A MOTHER from Millom has accused the education system of not giving her autistic son the support he needs.

LOVING SUPPORT: Mikaila Munroe reading with her autistic son Dearan Crawford HOWARD SHIMMIN REF: 0476599

The five-year-old son of Mikaila Munroe, a prison officer at Haverigg, is currently a pupil at Millom Infants School.

Dearon Crawford has autism and suspected ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Mrs Munroe claimed the resources in Millom are insufficient to support him. Mrs Munroe, 28, said: “It’s not the school itself I have a problem with, it’s the system. The school said they don’t have the resources to support him.”

She said the education system had failed to help her and her son, adding: “Where is the help for him? All they do is ring me up at work, when there’s a problem, and I’ve got to come out of work is pick him up. The government are trying to encourage single parents to go back to work, but how can they when they’re being phoned up all the time?

“They keep ringing me up when I’m at work to come and get him, because they can’t control him. They should have the resources they need. I try to work while looking after him and they are always ringing me saying come and pick him up.”

Mrs Munroe, of Market Street, said she was lucky her employer was so understanding. She said: “I’m sure other people wouldn’t be as lucky as me. Some employers just wouldn’t put up with it. I’ve just had enough, and he’s never going to live a normal life unless something is done.”

Cumbria County Council says it will be reviewing the situation.

A spokesman for the council said: “We recognise it is challenging for very young children with additional needs to adjust in school settings. The school, like all other schools, has the active support of psychology, specialist teachers and behaviour specialists. This school also has additional funding to the maximum degree possible to provide on-site support to compliment the approaches the school are developing.

“The family have continuing support of a ‘team around the child’ type approach that is made available to many families and children so that there is support for home and school at times of difficulty.

“The local authority recognises the difficulties in this situation and is working closely with school and the family to address a developing changing position.”

Source:   http://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/millom_mum_hits_out_over_lack_of_support_for_autistic_son_1_538208?referrerPath=ten_year_prison_term_for_cumbrian_pervert_who_sexually_abused_boy_1_535616

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