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First Published Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Breaking News: ADAPT
Protesters Chained to White House Gates
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Updates from ADAPTers In the Field:
Breaking News: ADAPTer Chained to White House Gates
DePearle: Long Term Services and Supports NOT to be Included in Health Care

Received 4/27/09 12:20 pm :
500 ADAPT activists from throughout the US including 50 Texans are lined up
outside the White House calling for President Obama to include the Community
Choice Act and long term services and supports in his health care reform

10 ADAPT activists are now meeting with Obama Health Care Czar Nancy Ann

Updates to come!

Then at 1:10 pm:
100 people are chained to the White House fence after President Obama’s
Health Care Czar Nancy Ann DeParle stated with no reservation that long term
services and supports WILL NOT be in health care reform. She told 10 ADAPT
activists that they can’t do it in the timeframe set and that we would have
to live with the institutional bias.

Arrests are imminent!
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The White House
For Immediate Release:
April 27, 2009

For Information Contact:
Bruce Darling 585-370-6690
Marsha Katz 406-544-9504

*91 Arre sted When ADAPT Told Obama Administration Won’t Support Inclusion
of *
*Long Term Services in Health Care Reform*
* *
*Washington, D.C.— *Ten members of ADAPT  met with Obama Administration
officials in the White House  today, and came away disappointed at the lack
of commitment from the administration on inclusion of long term services and
supports in health care reform. The administration stated that its only
commitment currently is to extend insurance to the people who are uninsured,
and that the people in nursing homes and institutions would need to continue
to wait until an unspecified time in the future when it is proven that the
health care reform worked. Angered by that response, 500 ADAPT members
immediately stretched out along the White House fence, using handcuffs and
chains to secure themselves. The Capitol Police ultimately arrested 91

“This is unequivocally a civil rights issue, and we thought we had a civil
rights president,” said Bruce Darling, ADAPT Organizer from Rochester, New
York. “He took the oath of office on the Lincoln bible, and has spoken
repeatedly about inclusion and integrati on. But after today, it seems clear
that inclusion doesn’t apply to us…to the thousands of people trapped for
years behind institution and nursing home walls and those of us who are
aging with nursing homes looming in our futures. Instead of the promised
“change” we are just getting more of the same old thing.”

Obama officials in the one hour meeting with ADAPT included Nancy-Ann De
Parle, Counselor to the President and Director of the White House Office of
Health Reform, aka the President’s Health Care Czar; Jeff Crowley, Director
of Office of National AIDS Policy and an advisor on the administration’s
development of disability policies; Henry Claypool, Director of the Office
of Disability in Health and Human Services (HHS); and Mike Hash, coordinator
of the HHS-White House reform efforts.

“My heart is broken,” said Dawn Russell, ADAPT organizer in Denver,
Colorado. “Throughout the Presidential campaign, ADAPT worked hard to
educate the Obama campaign. We came to believe in the Obama promise of
“change,” and we really believed that President Obama was the person who
really would “free our people” from being imprisoned in nursing homes and
other institutions. Untold numbers of people have died or been
abused20waiting for their freedom, and we just got told we aren’t important
enough and so we have to keep waiting.”

ADAPT will be making visits to Congress during the week, seeking more
co-sponsors for the Community Choice Act, legislation which would give older
and disabled Americans the choice to live in their own homes and communities
with the services and supports they need. Current Medicaid policy forces
people into nursing homes and other institutions in order to get the
assistance they need, despite the fact that both the aging and disabled
communities have consistently indicated they prefer home and community based
services to the generally higher cost institutional services that rob them
of control of their lives.

“The President can give millions more people health insurance, but if health
care reform doesn’t include long term services and supports, then all the
health care in the world won’t keep those people from being forced into
nursing homes against their will,” said Linda Anthony, ADAPT Organizer from

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