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July 2014



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Freddie Mac, a leading mortgage finance company, is partnering with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network to fill three paid internship opportunities. The ASAN-Freddie Mac Internship Program is an opportunity for recent graduates and current students on the autism spectrum to gain work experience and enter the workforce of a leading American company committed to neurological diversity. These internships are full time paid positions. Successful candidates will need to relocate to the DC metro area for the 16 week internship period beginning in early September. 



There are several internship positions available and applicants will be selected for the best position suited to them based on their applications and interviews. Applicants should be interested in working in subject areas such as mathematics, statistics, economics, and computer science, as these will be the subject areas relevant to the offered positions. Depending on the position, applicants should have a number of skills including basic computer understanding including Microsoft Office as well as a comfort in thinking primarily with numbers. Proficiency in computer programming in one or more languages, such as VBA, MatLab, C++ or SAS, may be helpful in selecting candidates for certain available positions. 



Applications will be screened by ASAN and Freddie Mac staff and not all who apply will receive an interview. Successful applicants will receive paid internship positions within various Freddie Mac operating divisions. These internships are available only to students and recent graduates on the autism spectrum. 



If you are interested, we strongly encourage you to send your resumé to resumes@autisticadvocacy.org.Many of our past interns have had their employment extended on a long term basis. We hope you’ll consider this opportunity and look forward to reviewing your application!

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