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First Published Wednesday, 27th August, 2008.

Teenager with Asperger syndrome sought for BBC production

Candid Casting is a London-based casting company, well-known for working with young people casting such projects as Mi high (BBC) and the Bafta-winning drama That summer’s day ( BBC).

We are currently working with the BBC on an adaptation of Jaqueline Wilson’s novel Dustbin baby, in which one of the characters has Asperger syndrome.

Poppy is 12-15 year-old girl with Asperger syndrome who the main character, April, meets in Fairleigh Residential School. Poppy and April share a room at the school and become good friends.

We are looking for a strong actress who is on the autism spectrum or who has good knowledge of the condition, and is able to take on this challenging role and portray the condition sympathetically.

The character appears in eight very important scenes and is the person who April turns to for money when she tries to run away.

About Dustbin baby

Dustbin baby centres around April, a girl who was dumped in a dustbin behind a pizza restaurant as a baby and found by a teenager called Frankie.

It is now April’s 14th birthday and she is thinking about how her life began. She visits the place where she was dumped and notices a phone number painted on the wall. Hoping it might be her birth mother trying to make contact, April calls the number only to discover it is Frankie’s. He has always wanted to find out what happened to April and how she is coping with life.

The two strangers meet up for a coffee and both gain a sense of ‘closure’.


Auditions will be held in London during the weeks commencing 25 August and 1 September 2008. Filming will take place from 18-23 September.

If you have a child who would be interested in auditioning for the role of Poppy, telephone Luke Dominy at Candid Casting on 020 7490 8882 for more information.

Source: http://www.nas.org.uk/nas/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=253&a=17282

“Candid Casting”

CANDID CASTING was founded by Amanda Tabak in 1993. Initially specialising in ‘Real People’, Candid Casting grew rapidly and today is one of the UK’s leading full service casting companies working across commercials, films, television and music videos.

Candid Casting has a reputation for sourcing new talent and diverse characters, and has a large in house database of established actors, new talent and actors with special skills. Whatever the size of project from Commercial to Feature Film, you can rely on our experience, knowledge and our enthusiastic professional service to find you the perfect casting solutions.

Our in house casting studio in Central London is fully equipped with the latest technology.

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