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December 2010



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Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well and that life is treating you kindly. Time to catch up on the latest…


“Can you help find Julio?”:

“Police search for autistic adult”:

“Police searching for autistic boy, 8, believed kidnapped from Florida home”:

“Body of autistic eight-year-old boy found in pond near his Greenacres home”:

“Official: Boy’s death not foul play”:

“Autistic man killed by roommate”:

“Retarded man to get exam”:

“Mentally retarded man indicted in death of roommate”:

“Parents petition to reopen murder probe”:

“Search crews find missing boy”:

“Two deaths linked to lead-removal drug”:

“CDC says chelation inappropriate for children”:

“Man gets 5 1/2 to 15 years for molesting autistic boy”:

“School did not act on paedophile”:

“Parents will sue therapist who injured son”:

“Mom complains about son being held in school closet”:

“Carers to lose $100m in funds”:

“Brothers in rights fight”:

“Charges vs. ex-teacher dismissed”:

“We just want to see our boy”:

“CDC obtains children’s confidential records without parental consent for autism study says NAA”:

“Prayers for the family”:

“Church denies Communion to autistic boy”:

“Bishop’s stand is wrong again”:

“My church failed the autistic child”:

“U.A.E.: RCS offers aid in Azerbaijan, Iraq”:

“Autism event for 999 workers”:

*Autistic Pride Day – June 18th
“Autistic Pride Day celebrates autism”:

*International Asperger Year
“Asperger achievers – tell us your story”:

“Charity in plea for autism tales”:


“Siblings of autistic patients prone to social impairments”:

“Scanner to be built on field despite protests”:


“Man ‘slapped to death by mates”:

“Macon Doctor a pioneer in treatment of attention deficit disorder”:

“Study: No link between TV, ADHD”:

“Can television actually cause your child to develop attention deficit disorder?”:


“Cooperstown boy wins area spelling bee”:

“Lawmakers urged to support services for autistic adults”:

Autism awareness license plate: “Crowell works to raise autism awareness”:

“Families familiar with tendencies of autistic kids to wander”:

“Children to hold fundraiser for autism, diabetes”:

“Special-needs programs eager to move to permanent home”:

“Proposed autism center at Myshall is back on track”:

“Blue-chip recruits not the only kids Note Dame coach is concerned about”:

“Parent of the year”:


“Autism school may be forced to close doors”:

“Fair for those with learning disabilities”:

“Permian Basin rehab center gets new faces”:

“School gets new unit”:

“Foundation supports Cape referendum”:

“Teacher moves to head of class”:

“Board hears from autism consultant”:

“Program prepares special education students for careers”:

Dyslexia “Calder House is going from strength to strength”:


“Home-schooling grows quickly in United States”:

Tammy Glaser – “Homeschooling children who “Aut” to be home”:

“Homeschooling and Autistic Spectrum Disorder”:

Books “Home educating our autistic spectrum children: paths are made by walking”:

“Homeschooling the child with ADD(or other special needs) Your complete guide to successfully homeschooling the child with learning differences”:




“Autistic boy’s game wows all”:

“Boy whose game touched a nation”:

“Frank Rigas column: Story about autistic teen was moving”:

“Autistic athlete redefines what sports is all about”:

“Instant Replay – Here it is”:

“Autistic player’s feat spread joy among many”:

Editorial cartoon “Kirk – Autism”:

“Rochester Razorsharks appoint J-Mac team manager for Sunday’s game”:

“Reed wins three Maine and New England Championships”:


“Numan has Aspergers?”:

“Craig Nicholls breaks his silence over Aspergers diagnosis”:


“Calling all artists and musicians”:

“Girl’s artwork draws her out”:

“Autistic Art”:

PROFILE: Richard Wawro
“For Richard, art is his life and his love. When he was three years old, his parents were told that he was moderately to severely retarded, along with autistic behaviour.
When he was twelve years old, a certain Professor of the Polish School of Art in London viewed Richard’s drawings and was “thunderstruck”; he described his works as an “incredible phenomenon rendered with the precision of a mechanic and the precision of a poet.” Richard is known worldwide and has sold over 1000 pictures in over 100 exhibitions.


“Documentary on Asperger’s showcased at The Little Theatre”:

“Different and Normal’ debuts in Rochester”:

“Autism awareness raised”:

“Should this movie be made?”:

“Young filmmaker scoops £3000 award”:

“Mozart’ doesn’t sugarcoat romance”:

As Channel 5 in the UK aired “The Real Rainman” twice this week, thought it might be nice to take a look at a certain website:


NEW Feb 2006 “Urville”
Author: Gilles Trehin

NEW March 2006 “Children with Seizures”
Author: Martin L. Kutscher, MD


NEW February 2006 “Homespun Remedies – Strategies in the Home and Community for Children with Autism Spectrum and Other Disorders” …”This book will encourage parents and carers to “think in autism” – to take the perspective of their ASD child and work to make their environment a friendlier place to be.”
Authors: Dion E Betts and Nancy J. Patrick

Hope you enjoyed the read.
Take Care,

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