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December 2010



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Hi Everyone,
Hope you’re all well. Plenty of news to forward as the snow falls here today…


“Home sought for autistic boy”:

“Odessa boy with autism to get award”:

“500 000 to aid autistic children”:

“Woman who fatally stabbed her 2 children ordered to spend 8 years behind bars”:

“Group home faulted in autistic boy’s death”:

“Family: Autistic man’s death was unnecessary”:

“Autopsy: Autistic man was not killed by taser”:

“Woman sues city board over son’s scalding death”:

“Bridgeton man arrested in sex assault of autistic teen who became pregnant”:

“Suit claims autistic Capitol Middle child beaten”:

“Police: Sex attack at Rehoboth Mall restroom”:

“Millsboro man faces unlawful contact charges”:

“Deaf boy swallows drugs given as sweets”:

“Aides tormented bus kid, 8”:

“Bus taunt aide blames bosses”:

“Kid – Transport abuse law gets set to roll”:

“Bus driver fired for slapping autistic student”:

“Council’s ‘appalling’ treatment of autistic worker in landmark case”:

“Teacher denies hitting boy, six”:

“Mother claims daughter’s medical records used without consent”:

“Jupiter couple sues McDonalds”:

“Autistic boy in dental work row”:

“Mum wants to tag autistic son”:

“Travellers next to confront the state?”:

“At 21, the help ends”:

“Fears voiced over ‘noise’ tactic”:

“OP/ED: Registry needed to control direct-consumer drug ads”:

“The postie and the prof dispute perceptions of autism”:

“Autistic intelligence inaccurately measured”:

“Autistic people ‘more intelligent than believed”:

“Experts question prevalent stereotypes about autism”:

“Autism surrounded by misunderstanding – experts”:

“Bright autistic kids ‘misunderstood”:

“Cure for autism”:

“Researchers find molecule that may hold key to learning and memory; protein may also be linked to autism, other disorders”:

“UC Santa Cruz psychology Professor develops language aids for hearing-impaired, autistic children”:


“Help for people who forget faces”:

“Seeing different things”:

“Microarrays mainstays of biological research”:


“Top warning urged on drugs for ADD”:

“Update 2-FDA reports 51 deaths of attention drug patients”:

“FDA details 25 deaths among those taking attention-deficit disorder drugs”:

“US panel urges heart risk warning on ADHD drugs”:

“Is Utah the Ritalin capital?”:

“Yale psychologist urges re-conceptualization of ADHD”:

“Is the primary cause of ADD an iron deficiency?”:

“Top 10 advantages of ADD in a high-tech career”:

“Are you an ADD Superhero?”:

“Natural’ cure found for attention deficit disorder”:

“Hyperactivity cure hopes raised”:

“Drug-free, exercise based program shows promise in treatment of ADD/ADHD”:


“Parenting: The freedom to be odd”:

“Just doing it for the kids”:

Temple Grandin “Animal expert visits Cornell, tells of her autism, career”:

“Weis gets personal at Saint Mary’s disability lecture”:

“Friendship opportunity for autism and aspergers”:

“KIDS: the charity that helps disabled children to get the most out of life”:

“Changing lives: one at a time; organization aims to reach one million lives in 2006”:

“Program teaches disabled young adults relationship, social skills”:

“Autism teaches Newport News father and police officer life lessons”:

“Speaking up about autism”:

“Dad a hero after ocean challenge”:

“Dad takes charity to the highest level”:

“Hoop Hero”:

“Special needs call for careful planning”:

“The benefits of Bozo”:

“Autism can’t slow down this young man’s dream”:

“Shelby family plans benefit to raise awareness”:


“Parents, teachers get tips for dealing with autistic children”:

“CPS to launch autism program”:

“Autism services expanding”:

“Bentonville fourth-grader shines through autism”:

“St Nicholas special school is a thriving community”:

“CD-Rom helps children with autism learn to navigate social situations”:

“Innovative chair provides calming ‘hug”:


“New Vines Album coming in April”:

“Desmond de Silva’s Concert for Autism(Sri Lanka) in Sydney, Australia”:

Music helps autistic teenager overcome condition”:

“Tribute and hope in song”:

“Despite challenges, Florida special needs color guard gives it a whirl”:


PROFILE Jessica Park:


“Autistic filmmaker breaks down barriers”:

“A new look at autism as Berlin film festival opens”:

“Sigourney Weaver stars in ‘Snow Cake”:

“Weaver’s role research teaches her absurdity of life”:

“Mozart and the Whale” review:

The film begins USA distribution in the two cities where it was filmed: Spokane, Washington and Cour D’Alene, Idaho. The opening weekend is April 14th, 2006. The studio will do a charity event for an autism organization in Spokane a few days before the opening. Cour D’Alene is the home of an adult support group which gave input to the project back in 2004, as did Jerry’s group in Los Angeles prior to production.(My thanks to Jerry)
“Autism on Film”:


“Gorilla awakens autistic girl’s spirit”:

“Songs of the Gorilla Nation; The Zoo Story”:

“Songs of the Gorilla Nation”
Author: Dawn Prince-Hughes

“Learn how we meet life’s challenges and triumph over them”:

“Eddie and Me on the Scrap Heap”
Author: Marc Littman

“My son’s weakest subject is life”:

“Eye Contact”
Author: [www.books-by-isbn.com]

“Curious Incident triggers curious reaction”:

“Autism: Not a dirty word”:

“Giggle Time”
Author: Susan Aud Sonders


Hope you enjoyed the read. Will leave you with “7 Essential Tips for Calming Children with ASD”:

Take Care,

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