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December 2010



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“Terror of autistic boy, 13”:

“Bronx autistic boy, 7, hit in holiday shooting”:

“School counselor charged with sexual misconduct”:

“Patients with learning disabilities suffer abuse and neglect”:

“Beating death suspect will stay in state custody”:

“Massechusetts measure to ban electric shocks at Rotenberg center dies in committee”:

“Autistic boy found wandering as Dad sleeps in car”:

“Garner man missing”:

“Police find missing autistic man”:

“Missing autistic Gaithersburg teen found safe”:

“New safeguards for the most vulnerable people”:

“Teacher banned, accused of slapping autistic 5 year old”:

“Bus matron accused of taunting autistic boy gets legal break”:

Settlement Approved “Family commended for care given to autistic man”:

“Ruling clarify rights for special-needs caregivers”:

“Accused T-Ball coach goes to court”:

“Why has autistic William fallen ill?”:

“Autism trailblazer Schopler dies at 79”:


“New study shows no MMR link to autism confirming Japanese study”:

“Measles, mumps, rubella and mercury-based immunizations cleared as causes of autism”:

Temple Grandin “Autism reveals social roots of language”:


“Housing complex snubbed worker with ADD: lawsuit”:

“Reader encourages parent of ADD child to get help from school district”:

“ADHD and Sleep”:


“Living with Autism”:

“Daniel Tammet “A life that is beginning to add up”:

“Autistic man first to receive house from Habitat for Humanity”:

“Help! Programme: post-diagnostic support”:

“Autistic centre needs your help”:

“Fast talker sets world straight on autism”:

“Quiet time for special kids”:

Sensory Integration Disorder: Putting on weight”:

“Children enjoy a fishy, arty day out at Porthtowan”:

“Mom and Dad need to find a loving balance”:

“New NAS Thomas and Friends zip pulls available now”:


“Kim for Vice President!”:

“NAS Chief Executive visits ground-breaking university and college support service in Leicester”:

“1.5 million children with special needs ‘failed by system”:

“Special needs education ‘not fit”:

“Every school ‘autism friendly”:

“Mom’s dream: A school for autistic kids”:

“Nonprofit seeks funding to open a private school”:

“Autistic boy with service dog turned away from school”:



“help! Family Support Administration Officer”:


“Woman and son run to raise awareness about autism”:


“Alex’s ‘Inspiration in Motion’ award as presented at halfway mark by Mayor of Kensington”:

Excerpt from Day 7 Tip To Tip: “At Town Hall we signed the guestbook and a most incredible presentation took place. Don Smeltzer (know his name because I have his card) read the framed certificate before giving it to Alex. It was a wonderful moment. It was so beautifully written, whoever wrote it truly understood what we are advocating. Alex, as you’ll notice, is usually quite straight faced but started beaming as it was being read (Roger got it on video). I was probably beaming too, they say “Kensington has heart” being in the heart of PEI, we got a real demonstration of that today.”
“Alex Bain is on the run because we made him go”:

“J-Mac wins best sports moment”:

“Chattanooga autistic kid qualifies for karate nationals”:

“Single-mindedness pushes autistic runner”:

“Bourgeois aims to dominate on Mount Marathon”:


“Summer gala concert in aid of Autism Suffolk”:

“Music for Autism”:


“Zoe’s World”:

“Children’s Art”:



NPR: “Joseph Shapiro’s piece on autistic people who wish to be accepted as they are”:

“Autism in the Movies”:
An outstanding article written by an autistic woman


“Exploring Feelings: cognitive behaviour therapy to manage anger”
Author: Tony Attwood

“Why Does Chris Do That?”
Author: Tony Attwood

NEW “Creating an autism friendly environment”
Author: Anh Nguyen

“Going to the Dentist”
A guide for Parents
Author: Kate Wilkes

“Going to the Shops”
A guide for Parents
Author: Catriona Hauser

“Inclusion in the primary classroom: support materials…”
Author: Joy Beaney and Penny Kershaw

“Asperger Syndrome – practical strategies for the classroom: a teacher’s guide”
Author: Leicester City Council and Leicestershire City Council

“Autism with severe learning disabilities”:
Author: Rita Jordan

“Different croaks for different folks: all about children with special learning needs”
Author: Midori Ochiai

“Different Like Me: my book of autism heroes”:

Author: Jessica Curry

Hope you enjoyed the read. Will leave you with what’s recognized as one of the world’s leading websites. “Artisancam”(aimed at school-aged children, parents/teachers) is an interactive website that gives an insight into the lives of contemporary visual artists:

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