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December 2010



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Sunset, Ferris Wheel

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well.


“Body of 6-year-old found in lake”:

“Fencing ponds impractical”:

“Conviction upheld for man who suffocated boy at prayer service”:

“Special panel to review autistic boy’s death”:

“Police scale back search for autistic 3 year old boy”:

“Autistic boy found safe”:

“Police search for missing autistic teen”:

“Missing Howard Co. teen found in Virginia”:

“Autistic kids abused by clueless parents”:

“Parents charged after boy found in street”:

“Parents file lawsuit against boy scout troop”:

“Dog dispute leaves autistic boy caught in middle”:

“Pilot’s legacy: Peaceful skies”:

“Building site noise tortures autistic neighbour”:


“Recent study confirms previous research about autism”:

“Study provides evidence that autism affects functioning of entire brain”:

“Prestigious Fields medals for mathematics awarded”:


“Deaths force GSK to add warning to attention disorder drug”:

“US FDA calls for new warnings on ADHD drugs”:


“He’s got the numbers”:

“NAS Christmas cards for your company”:

“Mother envisions interactive museum”:

“Sail: Temple’s trip of a lifetime”:

Phil Shwarz “The Three C’s”:

“Group lends a helping paw to autistic triplets”:

“Search and prosper”:


“Autistic children deliver new NAS report to Children’s Commissioner”:

“Terfel supports autism support call”:

“Local students learn to empathize with peers”:

“Autistic helpers in question”:

“Coleg Gwent chairman retires”:

“Jupiter mom loses funding to educate her autistic children”:

“Confused? Could be dyspraxia”:




“ING New York City Marathon 2006”:

“13 year old autistic host of pro wrestling radio show for kids”:


“Rock for autism”:


“Young artist paints a vision for the ages”:


NEW “Aut TV Broadcast 7”
Kids On The Spectrum
Aspie Interests
Autism Eye – investigates Cure Autism Now

“Aut TV designer black t-shirt”:

“Daniel Tammet on Australian radio”:

“Man videotaping autism in adulthood”:

“Film camp shares Hollywood magic”:

“A woman of substance”:

“Weaver film to offer autism insight”:

“Snowcake presents new view of autism”:


“Finding Our Way: Practical Solutions for Creating a Supportive Home and Community For the Asperger Syndrome Family”
Author: Kristi Sakai

“Making Sense of Art”
Author: Sandra R. Davalos

“Raising a Sensory Smart Child”
Author: Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske

“My Best Friend Will”
Author: Jamie Lowell and Tara Tuchel

“Activity Schedules for Autistic Children”
Teaching Independent Behavior
Author: Lynn E. McClannahan and Patricia J. Krantz

“Alphabet Jam: Songs and Rhymes to build early reading skills!”
Author: Cathy Bollinger

In closing, a reminder of the “Declaration of Interdependence”:

The Declaration of Interdependence
by Norman Kunc, an American disability rights advocate
Do not see my disability as the problem.
Recognise that the real problem confronting disabled people is
social devaluation, prejudice and oppression.
Do not try to fix me because I am not broken.
Support me so I can make my contribution to the community in my way.
Do not see me as your client because I am your fellow citizen.
See me as your neighbour who, in this time of flourishing urban
isolation, is reminding you of how interdependent all of us are on
each other.
Do not try to change me. You have no right.
Help me learn what I want to know
Do not try to be a competent professional. You will invariably do
harm to me.
Be a person who cares, who takes the time to listen, and does not
take my struggle away from me by trying to make it all better.
Do not use “pedagogical approaches” on me. To abdicate personal
responsibility for your actions behind theories and strategies is
pure cowardice.
Be with me, and when we struggle with each other, let that be the
impetus of self-reflection.
Do not try to control me. I have a right to my power as a person.
What you see as non-compliance and manipulation, is actually me
being in conflict with you.
Help me learn how to negotiate at times of conflict. This is
assuming, of course, that you can do this for yourself at times of
Do not teach me to be obedient, submissive and polite. You do me no
I need to feel entitled to say “No” if I am to protect myself.
Do not try to be my friend. I deserve more than that.
Get to know me. We may become friends.
Do not be charitable towards me. The last thing this world needs are
more [celebrities begging for money for us].
Be my ally as I fight against those who exploit me for their own
Do not help me, even if it does make you feel good.
Ask me if I need your help. Respect my ”no” or let me show you how
you can best assist me.
Do not admire me. A desire to live a full life does not warrant
Respect me because respect presumes equality.
Do not tell; teach and lead.
Listen, support and follow.
Take Care,


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