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January 2012



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Caullum, pictured with his mother Lynne and a defibrillator, which gives the heart an electric shock in cases of cardiac arrest

Caullum, pictured with his mother Lynne and a defibrillator, which gives the heart an electric shock in cases of cardiac arrest

  • *Callum Massey stopped breathing after fight
  • *Doctors detected life-threatening heart condition and fitted him with pacemaker

By Sadie Whitelocks

Last updated at 5:19 PM on 18th January 2012

A schoolboy has revealed how a playground fight that left him unconscious, helped to unearth a life-threatening heart condition.

Callum Massey, 13, stopped breathing when he was punched by a fellow pupil and paramedics rushed to his rescue.

Unable to revive him fully for two days, doctors discovered he had an irregular heartbeat and he was fitted with a pacemaker-style device.

After a three month recovery Callum is now well enough to return to lessons although his illness has yet to be diagnosed.

His school has been given a mobile defibrillator by the British Heart Foundation, which can be used to give the heart an electric shock in during cardiac arrest.

His mother Lynne, 35, from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, said: ‘The playground fight was what helped us find out that Callum had this condition in a strange kind of way.

‘It was a nightmare when it happened. It shows how fragile life can be.

‘I had a phone call saying there had been an accident. When we got to the school gates it was so terrifying.’

After the incident Callum was rushed to King’s Mill Hospital, and then transferred to Glenfield Hospital, in Leicester, where he spent more than three weeks being treated.

During that time doctors found Asperger’s Syndrome sufferer Callum had a potentially fatal heart condition which had previously been undetected.

He was fitted with an internal defibrillator to shock his heart if anything should happen again and prescribed with a daily dose of beta-blocker drugs, which are used to treat irregular heart conditions.

Hospital check-ups are also required every three months and his family have been warned it is a life-long condition.

Mother-of-three Mrs Massey, said she and her husband, Andrew, 35, were thankful for the actions of school staff.

The school’s caretaker and teaching assistant were among those who came to Callum’s aid.


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