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March 2011



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Tragic: David Cox died after getting into a fight with a group of youths

Disabled teen died after confronting yobs in town family had moved to for better life

By Chris Brooke
Last updated at 7:25 PM on 29th March 2011

  • 18-year-old suffering from autism tried to join in football game
  • Punched to ground by one of youths
  • Family furious police didn’t press manslaughter charges


A disabled teenager, whose family moved house so he could escape being tormented by yobs and bullies, died after being punched to the ground in a petty row over a football, an inquest heard today.

David Cox, 18, had become ‘hyper’ and ‘excitable’ because a group of youths wouldn’t let him play with their football, which they had been kicking around outside a takeaway restaurant.

The teenager, who suffered from a form of autism and a neurological condition that affected his co-ordination, was being tormented and became so upset that he punched one of the ‘older and bigger’ youths.

They were separated, but instead of walking away the youth, Carl Reade, punched Mr Cox with a single blow to the head, the inquest heard.

An eye witness said there was a delay of about 20 or 30 seconds before Mr Cox fell flat on his face against the concrete pavement without putting out his arms to break his fall.

He tried to get to his feet and then ‘fell backwards’, once again hitting his head on the ground.

Mr Cox was unconscious and was given emergency first aid by passers-by before paramedics arrived at the scene. He was rushed to hospital, but died when his life support machine was switched off the following day.

Four youths involved in the incident were identified and later arrested on suspicion of manslaughter by police.However, the Crown Prosecution Service infuriated the victim’s family by deciding against pressing any charges.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1371217/Disabled-teen-David-Cox-died-confronting-yobs-town-family-moved-better-life.html

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