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December 2010




Stockholm by night


Disabled children transported in cages”:–$1237577.htm

Children with learning disabilities held at Yarl’s Wood – Inspector’s ‘dismayed’ after visit to detention centre”:

Florida parents say autistic students abused…Alex Barton has opened doors for parents of autistic children to get their message heard, said Palm Beach parent Phyllis Musumeci, mother of a teenage autistic boy…Moore and Barton, who have both filed notices they intend to sue the St. Lucie County School District, are not alone.”:

Bully, 12, investigated for rape”:

Arizona music therapist accused of molestation”:

Presumed guilty: The loving stepfather devoted to helping autistic youngsters now fighting to clear his name”:

Attack on autistic Mishawaka teen posted to YouTube”:

Disabled siblings lived under house”:,25197,24253884-12377,00.html

Police search for missing Provo woman”:

Missing man found in Manchester”:,0,27850.story

Hacker loses extradition appeal”:

Support Site “Free Gary McKinnon – or at least try him in the UK”:

NAS and North Yorkshire police launch autism alert card”:

Authorities searching for couple who refused vaccination”:,25197,24236638-23289,00.html

Lynch to sign bill to create autism council in NH”:

Measles outbreaks worry CDC”:

Forced marriage of people with learning disabilities”:

Smarter Brunei paves way for autistic individuals”:

Bellingham: Advocates protest ‘hate speech’ in movie”:

Project Lifesaver Program helps law enforcement locate at-risk citizens across the USA”:

Mosquito under scrutiny”:

Why won’t they let me join the army?”:

GI Partners takes over care firm”:

Home for adults planned in Cumbria”:

Disabled helped to pay fuel bills”:

More than one in three Irish parents forced to wait over a year for autism diagnosis”:

Fears that man with asperger’s cleared of TV presenter’s murder is being manipulated”:

UK-wide Competition “Express your experiences of autism”:


UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute researchers to begin widespread newborn screening for Fragile X Syndrome”:

New research shows one in 200 people born with DNA mutation that can lead to mitochondrial disease”:

UC Davis researchers define characteristics, treatment options for XXYY syndrome”:

Facial structures, brain abnormalities studied to reveal formula for detection of autism”:

Scientists find part of brain dedicated to remembering features”:

CNSI at UCLA to host forum …

A guest appearance will be made by two-time Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman, who co-starred in the 1988 film “Rain Man” about an autistic savant. Hoffman played Raymond Babbitt, who was based in part on Kim Peek, a savant whose eidetic, or photographic, memory and developmental disabilities were the possible result of congenital brain abnormalities. Hoffman will receive the 2008 IBMISPS Beacon Award…”

New reasons to avoid grapefruit and other juices when taking certain drugs”:

Minnesota officials to examine autism in Somali immigrant children”:

Elephant therapy to treat depression – …There are around 200,000 autistic people recorded in Thailand. Studies began last year and looked into the effects on four autistic children of their interactions with elephants.”:


Back-to-school kids need shots”:

Autistic child wanders away from school”:

Isolation room deemed to violate school, fire rules”:

Embattled bus administrator retiring…Some parents, however, were taking drastic measures to get answers:

A south Hillsborough mother hired an attorney this week to help get her 10-year-old son with autism picked up an hour later so he doesn’t have to spend nearly two hours on a school bus each morning. “All I’m asking for is someone to respond and call me back,” Laurie Eckley said. “He has a hard enough time with school without being on the bus for two hours.”

Young people with learning disabilities need better options when they leave school”:

Exam Success”:

Nineteen-year-old Josh Muggleton was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, when he was 15.
After years of bullying he left school at 16 with average GCSE results and was told he would not be able to go to university.
Since then he has attended a specialist college in Frome and the college in Bath and will be starting a psychology degree at St Andrew’s University after getting two As and a B in his A levels.
He said: “This means so much to me.
“Starting at university and moving away from home is closing the door on all the bad things that have happened to me.”

Pupils’ GCSE results delight”:

Close to achieving his dream”:

Autistic students get help navigating college life”:

State expected to approve new autism school”:

Open house helps prepare for new school’s opening”:,ed-edisonpark-082808-s2.article

We can learn from special schools”:

Extended schools: after-school and holiday provision”:

Autistic kids face asbestos at Rockaways elementary school”:

Children affected by disabilities and their families receive free school supplies and enjoyed day full of fun at Tropical Park”:

School gets a makeover”:


Sweden “Left is Right”

Left is right is a consulting company offering a unique capability. Our consultants are diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, and thus have a sense for detail, are extremely thorough and have the ability to work with repeated tasks while maintaining a high quality. To read more about how we can help your company, read Our services.

“Employment training courses for autistic adults”:

Job “Major Gifts Officer, The National Autistic Society”:

Aspergians can be great employees”:”:
Individuality, Diversity, Equality, Achievement is an Aspie & Autie friendly site for all people on the Autistic Spectrum who are ready to dare reach out to occupation and employment, open the doors to the community and market their abilities directly to the public and for those interested in supporting these pioneers.


Linking job seekers with vacancies in work related to autism, Aspergers and ASDs

Current job vacancies within the NAS”:

For further employment information, please view”:


Humbled by the love orphans have to give”:

Prodigies, past and present”:

Hope, inspiration seen through eyes of child”:

My son’s battle with Tourette’s”:

Joel goes back to school for Asda”:

X Factor judge Simon Cowell’s dates with Emma Noble…Emma has been bowled over by Simon’s interest in the National Autistic Society. It’s a charity very close to Emma’s heart because her own son, Harrison, is autistic.”:

Autistic children swim with dolphins”:

Can people on the autism spectrum compete?”:

Part of my life now”:

Humberto Cruz: Disabled son should not inherit directly”:

Churches can be overwhelming for those with autism, Asperger’s”:

Don’t be so quick to judge; disruptive child may be autistic”:

Not a friendly experience for autistic kids”:

Harry Potter’s hidden disability”:

Swedish Parliament


Riksföreningen Autism
Bellmansgatan 30
118 47 Stockholm
tfn 08-702 05 80
fax 08-644 02 88

Northern lights over Sweden

Molesund Island, Sweden

Left is Right”:

Royal Guard at Stockholm Palace

Christopher Gillberg – Wikipedia”:

Beautiful Sweden

“Sweden Facts, Travel Videos, Flags & Photos”:

Idyll Somewhere In Sweden

“Sweden – Photo Gallery”:


Helping kids with ADHD get ready for school”:

Study areas should be organized for ADHD kids”:

State tops diagnosis of ADHD”:,23599,24235739-421,00.html

Alert over ADHD guidelines in schools”:,,24203785-2702,00.html?from=public_rss

CHADD and AACAP applaud Michael Phelps for addressing stigma of ADHD”:

ADHD and 8 gold medals”:

Non-drug alternatives for ADHD proven effective”:

Private tutor able to help Delta student learn to control ADHD”:”
Our objective is to promote awareness to AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and to provide information and as much free practical help as we can to affected by the condition, both adults and children, their families in the UK and around the World via this website.

ADDISS” The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service…


hi2u ADHD Pages”:


Shortlisted for nasen Award 2008: Book that supports SEN and Disability Issues
ADHD – Living without Brakes


Mini games boast paralympic spirit”:

Sea of change, a day in the waves”:

Soccer signup set for kids with special needs”:

Holly to skydive above Everest”:

Gran surprise for marathon”:

“Join us on the Great South Run this autumn”:

Adidas Women’s 5k Challenge – 7th September, 2008”:

Derry, Northern Ireland – Waterside Half Marathon – 13th September, 2008”:

Donegal ‘Mooathon’ 2008 – 28th September – ‘the wildest, most fun half-marathon you will ever do! It’s also an excellent warm-up race for the adidas Dublin Marathon in October.’:

Dublin Marathon – 27th October, 2008”:

Newcastle & Portsmouth “BUPA Great North Run 2008 – World’s Biggest Half Marathon – 5th October”:

Sahara Desert Trek – 8th-15th November, 2008”:

Cycle China 2009 – 19th-29th March”:

Trek the Inca Trail 2009 – 14th-23rd May”:

Trek Jordan 2009 – 10th-14th September”:


Gary Numan”:

Gary Numan exclusive…”But being famous with Asperger’s is brilliant because it means you’re all the things people expect. I’m supposed to be stand-offish. And I’m meant to be difficult to talk to.”:


Richard Wawro – YouTube”:

Richard Wawro Home Page”

Richard Wawro was a remarkable Scottish artist who earned widespread acclaim for his detailed drawings created with the unusual medium of wax oil crayons. With these he produced exceedingly detailed, dramatic images of intense depth and colour.”

Competition will champion the work of autistic artists”:

Autistic adults speak through art”:


“AS Teen sought for BBC production”:

Rainman arrives on the London stage Aug. 28”:

“Johnson replaces Grindley as Director of London’s Rain Man”:

Close-up: Adam Godley”

…nothing has quite prepared Adam Godley for his latest role – playing the autistic-savant Raymond Babbitt in the new West End adaptation of Rain Man. Appearing opposite Hollywood heart-throb Josh Hartnett will be one thing, trying to follow the Oscar-winning performance of Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 film, will be another.”

Claire Danes circles autism biopic – film based on Temple Grandin’s life”:

The Horse: Horse and livestock humane proponent’s life to be basis of HBO movie”:

History and culture at Cinema City:

…Also popular have been the autism friendly screenings and the parent and toddler Big Scream films.”

BBC America premieres three compelling documentaries in September”


At 12 years old, from memory, Stephen Wiltshire drew St Paul’s Cathedral, perfectly, without any art training. Twenty one years later, he’s become one of Britain’s most prolific and talented young artists. He is also autistic. Steven has the extraordinary ability to look at a building and sketch it from memory in almost photographic detail. He’s drawn many of the world’s greatest cities such as Rome, New York and Hong Kong but never his home city of London. Now in this documentary, Steven draws the largest ever panoramic view of the entire London skyline having studied it for only 30 minutes from a helicopter. With a canvas 20 yards wide and a box of pens and pencils, Stephen sketches the view from memory, street-by-street and building for building.

The Human Camera premieres Wednesday, September 10, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT

UK “Last night on television: Superhuman: Genius(ITV1):

Sensory friendly films for autistic children”:

Actors for Autism”:


Sixth-grader writes book on autism”:

Author opens the door to reveal her own hidden world”:

The Man Who Made Lists – Love, Death, Madness and the Creation Of Roget’s Thesaurus

Author: Joshua Kendall

He was diligent, fixated, obsessive”:

Boone provides insight into autism”:

Temple Grandin “New book ‘The Way I See It’ focuses on autism”:

Telling Dawfie’s story”:

Due for Release October 2008 “Dawfie’s Story”

Author: Brenda O’Bannion

Available Now “Crowbaby and Dawfie”

Novel communication – Joshua Smith, 8yrs, writer, illustrator”:

New “Social Skills Games for Children”

Author: Deborah M. Plummer

Foreword by Professor Jannet Wright

Illustrated by Jane Serrurier

New “Reaching and Teaching the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Using Learning Preferences and Strengths”

Author: Heather MacKenzie

Teaching Children with Autism and Related Spectrum Disorders: An Art and a Science”

Author: Christy L. Magnusen

Foreword by Tony Attwood

Asperger Syndrome – What Teachers Need to Know”

Author: Matt Winter

Choosing Home: Deciding to Homeschool with Asperger’s Syndrome”

Authors: Martha Kennedy Hartnett and Stephen M. Shore

Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome: Real Help for Parents Anywhere and On Any Budget”

Author: Lise Pyles

Home Educating Our Autistic Spectrum Children: Paths are Made by Walking”

Authors: Terri Dowty and Kitt Cowlishaw

Coming Soon “Challenging the Gifted Child: An Open Approach to Working with Advanced Young Readers”

Author: Margaret Stevens

Coming Soon “Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum: What Parents and Professionals Should Know About the PreTeen and Teenage Years”

Author: Shana Nichols

With Gina Marie Moravcik and Samara Pulver Tetenbaum

In closing, we take a look at synaesthesia. For a clear definition…

Earlier this month came this report – “Screensaver reveals new test for synaesthesia” –

Daniel Tammet once wrote: “Different numbers have different colours, shapes and textures,” he says. “[The number] one is very bright and shining, like someone flashing a light into my face. Two is like a movement from right to left. Five is a clap of thunder or the sound of a wave against a rock. Six I find more difficult: it’s more like a hole or a chasm. When I multiply numbers, I see two shapes in a landscape. The space between the images makes a third shape, like a jigsaw piece. And that third shape gradually crystallises: I see a fuzziness that becomes clearer and clearer.” The whole process takes place in a flash, “like sparks flying off”.

Who Has It?

  • one in every 25,000 people born have synesthesia, but this estimate is thought to be low


  • studies done in the United States show that three times as many women as men have synesthesia
  • Studies from UK reveal that eight times as many women as men are affected


  • it appears more frequently among left-handed people


  • it is seen as genetic, probably through the x-chromosome, and is dominant, rather than recessive

  • 15% of people who have synesthesia have a history of someone in their first degree family having dyslexia, autism or attention deficit disorder.


  • the synesthetic experience is different for every individual. For example, among people who see letters as colored, there is not a set color for each letter from person to person. Everyone has their own colored alphabet.

Cool Math

Hailed as being one of the best websites for kids…”Cool Math”, an amusement park of math and more provides maths lessons, games, practice and fun!

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