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October 2014



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The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is looking for a full-time Technical Assistance Coordinator.


The Technical Assistance Coordinator will play an integral role on ASAN’s community engagement team and will work closely with ASAN leadership to supervise the Pacific Alliance on Disability Self Advocacy, provide support to ASAN’s chapter network, assist in the planning and coordination of ASAN’s leadership trainings, and coordinate national self-advocacy efforts in conjunction with the Director of Programs, Leadership Programs Coordinator, and other ASAN staff. The job is a salaried position based out of ASAN’s Washington, DC office.


To learn more about the position, click here.


Familiarity with the disability rights, self-advocacy, and neurodiversity movements, and ASAN’s work is a must. Prior experience with grassroots organizing and event planning and coordination is strongly preferred. We strongly encourage applicants with disabilities, as well as applicants of color, to apply. 


Interested parties should send their resume, cover letter, and 2 references to jbascom@autisticadvocacy.org.


Job responsibilities:


Coordinate and support the activities of ASAN’s national chapter network, providing:

  • * Vetting & quality control for current and prospective chapters;
  • * Resource dissemination as needed;
  • * Technical assistance for chapter activities as needed;
  • * Project coordination for national chapter projects;
  • * Support in integrating ASAN’s chapter network with the rest of ASAN’s advocacy work;


Coordinate, track, and expand ASAN’s overall resource dissemination;


Facilitate ongoing resource dissemination for the Pacific Alliance, including:

  • * Monthly webinars and accompanying written guides;
  • * Regular website updates to reflect new resources, opportunities, and developments;
  • * Regular email updates to a variety of constituencies on an as-needed basis;


Conduct ongoing outreach to a variety of Pacific Alliance stakeholders:

  • * Moderate the Pacific Alliance online community of practice;
  • * Lead systematic outreach to state groups, individual self-advocate leaders, and TA partners;
  • * Manage relations with and connect self-advocates to existing leadership and advocacy opportunities in Pacific Alliance states and support Pacific Leadership Academy participants and alumni in their advocacy development following trainings;
  • * Facilitate regular meetings among individuals involved in the Pacific Alliance consultant pool and mini-grant program, state TA partners, the advisory council, and other relevant parties;


Supervise and coordinate the Pacific Alliance consultant pool and mini-grant program;


In conjunction with the Leadership Programs Coordinator:

  • * Undertake and coordinate preparations for ASAN’s annual Pacific Leadership Academy;
  • * Assist in the preparation of other ASAN leadership trainings as needed;


In collaboration with the Director of Programs and in conjunction with other Community Engagement team members, work to integrate ASAN’s technical assistance programming with the organization’s broader activities and mission.


Skills needed:

    • *Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Apps;
    • * Familiarity with the GoToWebinar platform;
    • * Knowledge of Doodle scheduling tools;
    • * Strong phone, email, and written communication skills;
    • * Strong interpersonal skills
    • * Superb organizational skills;
    • * Ability to take direction and work in a team;
    • * Ability to juggle multiple projects at once;
    • * Ability to deliver assignments on a deadline.

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