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Announcing the


Disability Rights Leadership Institute

on Bioethics


A groundbreaking event for disability rights advocates to advance the disability rights perspective on bioethics issues:

  • * Withholding Medical Treatment
  • * Assisted Suicide Laws
  • * Reproductive Technologies
  • * [and more]


… and developing our advocacy strategies on these issues


April 25 and 26, 2‌‌014

8‌‌:45 AM to 5‌‌:30 PM –

Participants are requested to stay

for the full two–day Institute

Crystal City Marriott, Arlington, VA

Across from Crystal City Metro

1‌‌999 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 2‌‌2202.

(7‌‌03) 4‌‌13-5‌‌500


Space is limited! Please register ASAP. The Institute registration deadline is M‌‌arch 28. The deadline for hotel registration at the Crystal City Marriott is A‌‌pril 3.


Join us for this exciting and first–ever Disability Rights Leadership Institute on Bioethics (DRLIB), where disability rights advocates will gather for two focused days of learning, discussion, and honing our advocacy skills on the key bioethics issues facing the disability community in the United States (some speakers will provide an international perspective as well).


Speakers will include:


Liz Carr, Comedian, Actor in a BBC drama series, and NDY activist from the United Kingdom

Diane Coleman, President, Not Dead Yet (NDY)

Marcy Darnovsky, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Genetics and Society (CGS)

Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick, Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Europe (EPC Europe)

Marilyn Golden, Senior Policy Analyst, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF)

Ari Ne’eman, President and co–founder, Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)




Registration for the Institute itself: $175, which will help cover a number of meals (see below) as well as other DRLIB expenses including meeting space, speaker costs, and disability accommodations. Participants must pay their own travel & lodging costs. Participants must pay for dinners on both days, and S‌‌aturday’s lunch. The Institute will cover 2 continental breakfasts, 4 breaks, and F‌‌riday’s lunch.


Other Participant responsibilities:


Participants will receive written materials in advance and be expected to read them before the Institute.


All participants will be expected to avoid wearing perfume, cologne, or other fragrances, and to use unscented personal care products in order to promote a fragrance-free environment.



How to register for the DRLIB:


First, register on-line for the Institute itself.


Note: This event is intended for disability rights activists and people who identify with the disability rights movement. We want to get a sense of who the participants are, so please help us out when you register, by responding to a question about your background or history in disability issues and/or organizations. You will see this question on the on-line registration form. Thank you!


Second, if you need a hotel room at the Crystal City Marriott, you must book your own hotel reservation. The hotel deadline is April 3. Call (703) 413-5500 and mention our group name, the Disability Rights Leadership Institute on Bioethics. Hotel room rate is $139 per night plus tax.


Accessibility and accommodation needs:


The hotel is wheelchair–accessible and is across from an accessible Metro stop. For accommodation needs other than hotel rooms: when you register, there will be an opportunity to specify your disability accommodation needs. Contact Tim Fuchs (see contact information below). NOTE: The DRLIB registration deadline of Friday, March 28 is also the deadline for requesting accessibility accommodations.


Participants are advised to use Reagan National Airport if possible—it has an accessible Metro stop, and is closer to the Institute site than the two other airports in the Washington DC area, Dulles and Baltimore. For accessible taxis from National Airport: Call Red Top Cab of Arlington, in advance, at 703-522-3333.




Contact Tim Fuchs:


E-mail: tim@ncil.org

Voice (202) 207-0334

Toll-free (877) 525-3400

TTY (202) 207-0340


Visit the DRLIB website at www.dredf.org/drlib


The Disability Rights Leadership Institute on Bioethics is sponsored by:

National Disability Leadership Alliance (NDLA)

Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF)

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC)

Not Dead Yet (NDY)
National Council on Independent Living