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November 2011



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Budding Duncanrig DJ gets a helping hand from Radio 2. Report by James McSherry

By Kayleigh Mcleod

Second year student Rory Macfadyen got a pleasant surprise when the sound department at Radio 2 provided him with his own professionally produced radio jingle.

Rory, who attends the communication support base at Duncanrig Secondary School in East Kilbride, has been using the school’s radio station to write and present his own show as a means of improving his communication skills.

The team responsible for the Chris Evan’s Breakfast Show created the jingle with the budding DJ in mind.

Teacher Catherine Holmes said: “Rory is a great fan of Radio 2 and, in particular, of The Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

“He has based his own show on The Chris Evans show, calling it ‘The Rory Macfadyen Breakfast Show’.

We contacted the show and sound producer Chris Reay offered not only to send us some of the jingles they use on the show, but to make Rory his own customised jingle based on one of Chris Evans’. Rory is absolutely thrilled with the result.”

The inspiration behind the radio station is teacher Chris Gerrard who runs the school radio club where students present their own live radio shows at lunchtimes.

Chris said: “I initially discussed with Mrs Holmes about using the equipment in the radio studio to help Rory work on his voice levels.

“Rory has limited functional language due to his Autistic Spectrum Disorder and when asked to speak louder, Rory would shout very loudly and when he was asked to speak more quietly, Rory would whisper.

“We used the radio studio as it is a very visual way in which Rory could gauge how loud or quiet his voice is and Mrs Holmes now refers to the levels used in the radio studio in every day classroom situations such as level 4 voice is perfect, level 2 voice is too quiet.”

Rory’s work for Radio Duncanrig was also recently featured on the Education Showcase Stage at this year’s Scottish Learning Festival.

Chris said: “It’s such a fantastic story and everyone who works with Rory is amazed at how much progress he has made by being a part of Radio Duncanrig.

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