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November 2011



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In a shocking revelation, it has been told that the Department of Human Services (DHS) has failed miserably to deal with the case of death of a young autistic boy. The four years old Rory was told to have consumed his father’s medication, an oxycodone tablet, by mistake, and that is what caused the death of the boy.

It was told that the police had done search operation on the bus where the boy was living with his family at that time, and found that parents were taking drugs. It was told by Senior Constable Peter Clayton and Constable Rebecca Creed that the bus was in pathetic condition, and they found a number of spoons with the residue of white powder and several hypodermic needles.

Once the case got registered with the DHS, they started their investigation. It was confirmed that couple of times, the department met the family involved.

To the shock of many, it was told that the DHS has made the decision to shut the case as the family has moved to some other location in December 2003, but when the family approached the department once again, the DHS simply delegated the case to other organizations.

It has shocked Coroner Jennifer Tregent the most, as she told that the DHS showed impatience in dealing with the case and the underlying issue of child abuse.

The deceased boy was told to have two siblings also, and there is similar danger to those ones also. It was told that before closing the case for the first time, the two kids were shifted with a family member in Ballarat, but later when the family moved to the Mildura area, the kids joined them.

“The department’s concern was focused primarily on appropriate housing and they simply ignored the allegations of drug use”, said the Coroner investigating the case, while putting a huge question mark on the DHS.



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