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In the past five years, over seventy people with disabilities have been murdered by their parents. We see the same pattern repeating over and over again. A parent kills their disabled child. The media portrays these murders as justifiable and inevitable due to the “burden” of having a disabled person in the family. If the parent stands trial, they are given sympathy and  comparatively lighter sentences, if they are sentenced at all. The victims are disregarded, blamed for their own murder at the hands of the person they should have been able to trust the most, and ultimately forgotten. And then the cycle repeats.

For the last four years, ASAN, ADAPT, Not Dead Yet, the National Council on Independent Living, the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, and other disability rights organizations have come together at local vigils across the country to mourn those losses, bring awareness to these tragedies, and demand justice and equal protection under the law for all people with disabilities.

On March 1st, we will come together again, and we ask you to join us.


There is just one week left to sign up to be a site coordinator and hold a vigil in your area.


Current Vigil Sites:


Anchorage, AK
Mary Ellen O’Brien, maryellenrob@gmail.com


Tempe, AZ
Xander McDonald, xmcdnd@gmail.com


Berkeley, CA
Brent White, brent@alacosta-acat.com

The Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF), co-sponsor


Sacramento, CA
Stacy Shaw, asansacramento@gmail.com


Washington, DC
Jean Winegardner, jwinegardner@autisticadvocacy.org


Kissimmee, FL
Teresa Geiger-Sturgis, tgsturgis@yahoo.com


Atlanta/Decatur, GA
Kit Mead, silverbrook.aka.silva@gmail.com


Captain Cook, HI
Des Hirsh, autisticdimensionshi@gmail.com


Chicago, IL
Steph Ban, sban@uchicago.edu

Gurnee, IL
Roman Segal, roman.i.segal@gmail.com

Cambridge, MA
Finn Gardiner, fgardiner@autisticadvocacy.org


Medford, MA
Rachel Sommer, gingicat@gmail.com

Salem, MA
Hala O’Keeffe, halalettieri@gmail.com


Ypsilanti, MI
Jonas Blauer, jmblauer@gmail.com


Albuquerque, NM
Star Ford, starluciaford@gmail.com


Edison, NJ
Carole Tonks, ctonks@adacil.org


Brooklyn, NY
Debra Baker, mamadeb1963@gmail.com


Flushing, NY
Marvin Finkelstein, mrv11292013@gmail.com


New City, NY
Jason Ross, jasonross18@gmail.com


Rochester, NY
Diane Coleman, dcoleman@notdeadyet.org

Portland, OR
Phoebe Loomis, P.Loomis.PDX@gmail.com


Springfield, OR
Alex Taylor, alextaylor1359@gmail.com


Pittsburgh, PA
Jess Hughes, jess.fridy@gmail.com


Dallas, TX
Carly Allison McCullar-Main, carlyallisonmccullar@gmail.com

Salt Lake City, UT
Adair Kovac, adairkovac@gmail.com


Sultan, WA
Anca Moreno, anca.moreno@yahoo.com

Beloit, WI
Reid Caplan, caplanr@beloit.edu




Kearneys Spring, Queensland
Nora Gainey, newnoz@gmail.com




Aytan Eynalova, Aytenhamza@hotmail.com




New Westminster, BC
Alanna Whitney, alannarosewhitney@yahoo.com




Ellen Balledux, ellenbx@quicknet.nl



Preston, Lancashire
John Meghen, JMPMeghen@uclan.ac.u

 Edvard Munch's Separation

Edvard Munch’s Separation


This month’s British Journal of Psychiatry has the latest in their ’100 words’ series on the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, famous for his iconic painting ‘The Scream’ and his own struggles with mental illness.


The Norwegian Expressionist Edvard Munch caused outrage when his paintings were first shown in Berlin but became one of the most prolific artists of his time. Often described as having had bipolar affective disorder, his low moods and sense of isolation are evident in works such as The Scream, Separation,and Evening on Karl Johan. Yet the evidence of his diaries and his many biographies suggest more plausible diagnoses of depressive disorder and comorbid alcohol dependence.


Read in Full:  http://mindhacks.com/2010/10/05/edvard-munch-in-100-words/

Edvard Munch: Evening on Karl Johan. 1889.

Edvard Munch: The Scream. 1893


Artsy’s Edvard Munch Page


This newly designed page includes his bio, over 20 of his works, exclusive articles about Munch, as well as his up-to-date exhibitions – it’s a unique Edvard Munch resource.  ~ Special Thanks to Nicholas over at Artsy for putting this wonderful resource together and for alerting us to it.




Also, check out “10 Screams for Edvard Munch’s 150th Birthday”: