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What Robyn did on Sunday was incredible.

Last Thursday I told you about Robyn Hadley, whose brother Skyler tragically died in a motorbike accident in May. The day before yesterday, Robyn took the place Skyler had booked for himself in the Great North Run and ran in her brother’s memory.


Robyn did so well on Sunday, beating her personal target of 2:15 and completing the run in 2:09. She asked me to send a message of thanks to everyone who supported her and wrote such heartfelt messages of support.


“I am completely overwhelmed by the support and the lovely messages from so many people who I haven’t met. I have read every single message and I wish I could say thank you to everyone personally”. 


We’re sure her big brother would be proud of her. We certainly are – what Robyn has done is incredible.  


If you didn’t get the chance to sponsor Robyn beforehand but would still like to then please visit her justgiving page. 


On behalf of Robyn and from everyone at The National Autistic Society, thank you for your support.


With kind regards,




Head of Supporter Fundraising


In just two and a half weeks, uninsured Americans will be able to shop for coverage and access health insurance subsidies through the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplaces. Already, many states have adopted or are preparing to adopt new Medicaid state options on expanding community services created by the ACA. Yet, as we grow closer and closer to the full implementation of the landmark health insurance law, many in the disability community are unfamiliar with how the Affordable Care Act will impact them. In addition, advocates looking to monitor and enhance implementation of the ACA for people with disabilities are frequently left without a clear and comprehensive description of opportunities and challenges yet to come under the ACA.


Thanks to the generous support of the Special Hope Foundation, ASAN has produced a new policy brief that aims to address these issues. Entitled The Affordable Care Act and the I/DD Community: An Overview of the Law and Advocacy Priorities Going Forward, this brief provides a summary of relevant provisions of the ACA and analyzes opportunities for advocates to enhance the impact of the law’s implementation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide it as a tool for state and federal I/DD advocates looking to shape the law’s implementation.


Download a copy here and let us know what you think by e-mailing info@autisticadvocacy.org. Feel free to share with your friends.


ASAN would like to thank the Special Hope Foundation for supporting the development of this policy brief.

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Two weeks after the London Marathon this year, I was devastated to receive the news that one of our runners, Skyler James Hadley, had been tragically killed in a motorbike Skyler Hadley, who tragically passed away in May 2013accident.

Skyler had planned to run the Great North Run this Sunday. His sister Robyn will take his place and run the half marathon in memory of her brother. 

Skyler and Robyn’s story moved me to tears, which is why I’m sharing it with you. Please support Robyn today as she runs in memory of her brother. 


Head of Supporter Fundraising

Robyn Hadley: ‘I miss him every day’


At 3pm on Sunday 5 May 2013, my brother, Skyler James Hadley, died too soon in a motorbike accident. Skyler was 22 years old and had Asperger syndrome. 


He found life challenging and difficult at times – but that never stopped him loving and living life to the full. He found love with his girlfriend Caroline and they spent over two years together going to festivals, visiting Doctor Who and Harry Potter exhibitions, but most importantly diving – which is how they met.


In April 2013 Skyler ran the London Marathon to raise money for others living with autism. He completed the run in an incredible 5 hours 22 minutes and was due to run the Great North Run this Sunday. Caroline asked me to run in his memory and I’ve been in training ever since.


The National Autistic Society helped Skyler and our parents so much when he was growing up, facing the daily challenges of living with autism. With just two days to go the idea of running a half marathon is daunting and I’m feeling really nervous, but I’m determined to do this – for my brother, to say thank you for all the help the NAS give families like ours, and to help people like Skyler. I miss him every day. 

Please sponsor me today– everything I raise is going to the NAS.

Keep everything crossed for me on Sunday.