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January 2013




Florida Everglades
The Florida Everglades




Bond set at $1M for Vogelsbery in murder of autistic half-brother”:


“Sarasota woman arrested after autistic stepdaughter dies”:


No bail reduction for stepmom charged in autistic girl’s death”:


Mom gets 10 years in prison for not stopping murder of her 9 year old autistic son”:


Judge OKs agreement in death of SC student”:


“Man gets prison for molesting autistic boy”:


Which Congressman is blocking bill that would protect autistic kids?”:


“Bus attendant, Darryl Blue, charged with choking autistic boy”:


“Family wins fight to bring autistic girl to Australia”:


ISRAEL “Government sets up committee on autistic kids after protests …
The parents protested that their children lack access to basic education and later in life will encounter difficulties finding adequate employment.”:

AUSTRALIA “Autistic man ran away to meet Big Brother contestants”:


NAS “New research exposes scale of Government’s social care crisis for disabled people”:


NAS “New Early Support information for parents and carers”:




“Questions circle Asperger’s syndrome removal from diagnostic manual”:


GW professor discovers new information in the understanding of autism and genetics”:


“Researchers explore why some kids seem to outgrow autism”:


ASAN Statement on Fein Study on Autism and “Recovery”:


Enhancing social interactions using information technology”:


“Massive search for depression gene comes up empty”:


“8 suggestions for strengthening self-esteem when you have depression”:


How brain cells lift mood in the sleepless”:


“Neuroscientists mimic sleep deprivation, reveal target for new depression therapy”:


“A pep talk for those with treatment-resistant depression”:


“Suicide rate shooting up in UK”:


Poor sleep can make couples take each other for granted”:


Alcohol’s effects on normal sleep reviewed”:


My restless legs turned me into an insomniac: It’s the distressing condition robbing millions of sleep”:


“Mouse study links teen stress to adult mental illness”:


“Blood pressure and accelerated brain aging”:


Dyslexia: Improving Reading and Writing Skills”:

“Brain structure of infants predicts language skills at one year”:–+Child+Psychology%29


In Synesthesia, learning and memory may play a central role”:


“It’s called Onychophagia or nail biting”:


“4 strategies to help you bounce back from adversity”:

“4 personality types: Which one are you”:


“Introducing Her Bipolar Life”:


“Introducing Caregivers, Family and Friends Blog”:


“Virtual Hospital”:




Home Education “How my autistic son got lost in the public school system”:


NIGERIA “Forgotten aspects of education”:


“Edison High program for autistic kids reaps gold”:


HC allows shadow teacher for autistic child”:


“Robots to assist autistic children in classrooms in UK … Ian Lowe, headteacher at Topcliffe Primary, said: ‘The robots have been brilliant at supporting autistic children with their learning.

‘You can programme them to teach language, play games and model behaviour. We have even used them in assemblies.’In the future we are looking to see if they can be used to support learning not just at school but at home as well.”:


Center gets new sensory room”:


“Former headteacher of autistic school gets MBE”:


Hands On Projects for Autistic Students”:


Vocabulary instruction failing U.S. students, expert says”:–+Child+Psychology%29


“Quality of instruction trumps language in reading programs”:–+Child+Psychology%29


BULLYING “Cool’ kids in middle school bully more, Psychologists Report”:–+Child+Psychology%29



“MPs back jobs fair with a difference”:


“The age of small business”:


When mom is CEO at home, workplace ambitions take a back seat”:–+Child+Psychology%29


Asperger Informatik AG “Professionelles Webdesign und Software Testing in Zurich”:


“Creative Support Ltd”:


“Autelligent Laboratories

We believe all people have a contribution to make and deserve an opportunity to be productive.

With your caring and excellent help, we are creating jobs for the 40 million people worldwide who are diagnosed with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Today less than one in five of us are currently employed. We are motivated and competent and we deserve equal employment. Help make this a reality.

Autelligent Laboratories is dedicated to creating a space where autistic software engineers can more than contribute, we can excel.”:


Luxury Quality Scented Candles “Humbolt Candles – Autism & Disability Employment Company”:


Individuality, Diversity, Equality, Achievement is an Aspie & Autie friendly site for all people on the Autistic Spectrum who are ready to dare reach out to occupation and employment, open the doors to the community and market their abilities directly to the public and for those interested in supporting these pioneers.




Linking job seekers with vacancies in work related to autism, Aspergers and ASDs


Job Vacancies “Would you like to work for the NAS?”:


For further employment information, please view”:



Wrong Planet “Autistic people connect on the internet”:


“Eight new B.C. Guide dog puppies need temporary homes . being trained to assist the blind and those who are autistic”:


“Peterborough family copes with autism on the slopes … They had left their jobs at IBM and were now focused on building a business to help both special needs parents and children. It immediately took off.”:


Autistic beauty queen vies for Miss America Title”:


Bringing up daughters: The new battlefield for parents”:


SYLVIA PLATH – 50th Anniversary of her Death

Sylvia Plath 

“Sylvia Plath”:


Florida Flag


“Autism Jobs, Employment in Florida”:


Florida Autism Resources”:


“Autism Schools in Florida”:

Florida Everglades
Florida Everglades
Everglades Wildlife
Everglades Wildlife
Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park
Central Florida Landscape
Central Florida Landscape
Florida Air Museum
Florida Air Museum
Florida Panther
Florida Panther
Panther Kitten
Panther Kitten
Florida Zebra Finch
Florida Zebra Finch
Florida Scrub Jay
Florida Scrub Jay
Sunset on Clearwater Beach, Florida
Sunset on Clearwater Beach, Florida
Fort Lauderdale / Miami (beaches, sun rises, general out n about!)
Fort Lauderdale Beach
Orlando Sunset, Convention Center
Orlando Sunset, Convention Center
Florida Beaches
Florida Beaches
The Beautiful Florida Keys
The Beautiful Florida Keys


Florida History, Arts, Culture:


Florida Tourist Information:


Florida Holiday Rentals:

Al Capone's Mansion Remains

Al Capone’s Mansion Remains, Pinecrest, Florida Everglades

News of Capone’s Miami Compound Hitting Market with $9.95M Asking Price

Florida Keys Fishing
Florida Keys Fishing
Florida Home
A grand old home on the St. John’s River near Palatka, Florida
Mt Dora, Victorian Florida Home
Mt Dora Victorian Florida Home
Florida Cracker Home
Florida Cracker Home at Crowley Nature Center
Destin Florida Home
Destin Florida Home
Florida Oranges



Significant increase in ADHD over last 9 years”:


“Home intervention with special needs students”:


“Undiagnosed adult ADHD leads to frustration”:


“Obesity more prevalent among those with ADHD”:


“Sensory bags for restless children”:


“Violence and ADHD: It’s not really in us”:


“Getting Unstuck: 7 tips for moving forward with ADHD Part II”:


ADHD and being a loner”:


Pfizer Inc. releases liquid ADHD prescription medication Quillivant XR in U.S.”:


Study: Children with ADHD earn less, work less later in life”:


“Research links ADHD, organizational, motor coordination deficits”:


Toronto “TotallyADD”:


ADRES “Adverse Drug Reaction Electronic System(Adverse Drug Reactions Website)”- This website provides patients, doctors, and other medical professionals with a comprehensive examination of adverse drug reactions (ADRs), side effects, and other safety information for both prescription and over-the-counter medications.. Our goal is to allow users of our website make informed decisions when taking (patients) or prescribing (doctors) drugs. We are providing unmatched information and analysis tools.


Our objective is to promote awareness to AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and to provide information and as much free practical help as we can to those affected by the condition, both adults and children, their families in the UK and around the World via this website.


ADDISS” The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service…




“hi2u ADHD Pages”:





Derek Paravicini”:


“Kyle Condon: New Box kid on the block”:


The Bicycling Guitarist finds the right notes and gears”:


Ryan Larmour “Seventeen year old launches music video to raise awareness of autism”:




The Benefits “Music for Autistic Children”:



“Stephen Wiltshire MBE”:


GLIMPSE – the talents of the autism community

They are painters, sculptors and photographers; poets and storytellers; musicians and creators of amazing video games. They are kids, teens and adults. Last year, a new online publication arose to celebrate the talents of autistic individuals and other developmental disabilities: GLIMPSE, offered by ICDL (The Interdisciplinary Council of Developmental and Learning Disorders). In late 2008, Volume 2 of GLIMPSE was released, and was expanded into a print book and notecards. The works are serious, humourous, deeply personal and illuminating. See it for yourself, share it with others, submit your own/your child’s work for inclusion. Find information and ordering details at


“Artisancam: an award winning interactive website that gives an insight into the lives of contemporary visual artists(aimed at school-aged children, parents/teachers)”:


“Saatchi Gallery”:



“Founder of theater program for autistic kids turns over reins”:


The Undateables “Inking of you: Mystery fan gets tattoo of Undateables star”:


“Actors for Autism”:



“Daniel Tammet: ‘Maths is as rich, inspiring and human as literature’ … In his third book, Daniel Tammet, the bestselling mathematical savant who has Asperger’s syndrome, writes about ‘the science of imagination”:


Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food “Novel approach to Asperger’s”:


“Far From the Tree’ and the Literature of Autism”:

 Asperger’s Syndrome Workplace Survival Guide

by Barbara Bissonnette

Foreword by Yvona Fast


 The Asperkid’s Launch Pad

by Jennifer Cooke O’Toole

 Music, Language and Autism

Exceptional Strategies for Exceptional Minds

by Adam Ockelford

Foreword by Francesca Happe

 The Aspie Girl’s Guide to Being Safe with Men

The Unwritten Safety Rules No-one is Telling You

by Debi Brown

Foreword by Sarah Attwood

 The Complete Guide to Getting a Job for People with Asperger’s Syndrome

Find the Right Career and Get Hired

by Barbara Bissonnette

 The Pocket Occupational Therapist for Families of Children with Special Needs

by Cara Koscinski

 Understanding and Working with People with Learning Disabilities who Self-injure

Edited by Paula Heslop and Andrew Lovell

 Finding Your Own Way To Grieve

A Creative Activity Workbook for Kids and Teens on the Autism Spectrum

by Karla Helbert


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Florida Keys

Florida Keys

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