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March 2011






“Fla. Welfare called before twins found in truck”:

“Aide sentenced in NY autistic man’s Pa. Van death”:

“Swiss care worker sexually abused 114 people”:

“Boy suffered injuries over a period of 7 years”:

“Autistic boy carried ‘by hands and feet’ by school workers”:

“Parents talk about son’s drowning”:

“Council ordered to support teenager”:

“Phony autism therapists face jail time”:

(Includes instant audio)“Court has to look at mother’s best interests … The Court of Protection is to decide whether a mentally unstable pregnant woman should be sterilised to prevent her becoming pregnant again.”:

“Assault charge dropped after autistic man attacked”:

“Charges dropped against Great Falls teacher’s aide accused of abuse”:

“Top prosecutor signals crack down on disability hate crime”:

Update on Steven Neary Case “Dad and autistic son reunited after High Court judgement”:

“More choice vow on special needs”:

“Compassion for mother who gave autistic son cannabis”:

“Budget cuts leave disabled adults to fend for themselves”:

“Funding cut fears hit Burnley autism centre”:

“Blind Eurostar passenger left stranded in Brussels”:

“Gary McKinnon Updates: Clegg washes hands of hacker case”:

“Pink Floyd guitarist paying for treatment for Scots hacker Gary McKinnon”:

“Tributes to brave Dalton man”:

Connecticut – March 21“Annual conference highlights ‘Women on the Autism Spectrum”

With Liane HollidayWilley, Shana Nichols and Rudy Simone


“Scans find autistic brain differences”:

“Genetic roots of autism found to be highly complicated”:

Discredited autism study caused suffering, reporter says”:

Hard work begins to reinforce research … children with autism, according to researchers at the University of Western Australia, have very poor large-scale searching skills, so they can’t find their shoes in their bedroom, but have excellent small-scale search skills and can find Wally in a Where’s Wally? book”:

Studies confirm that serotonin plays a role in many autism cases”:

No autism ‘epidemic’, Norwegian study suggests”:

Freedom to choose leisure activities benefits autistic people”:

Diagnosing Asperger’s Syndrome in adults”:

Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome”:

Q&A Asperger’s Syndrome”:

Adults with Asperger Syndrome: A lost generation?”:

Latest Autism Articles ~ Psychology Today”:

Researchers use virtual reality and brain imaging to hunt for the Science of the Self”:

GeekDad/ “Bill Gates says anti-vaccine autism groups “kill children” – and he’s right”:

SlaM trialling new OCD treatments for young people, UK”:

Deep brain stimulation to treat Tourette’s tic”:

Doors set to close on child heart op units … His mum Maria fears her son, who is autistic, will be unsettled by an operation elsewhere. “To be told that he’s got to have his surgery at a different hospital, where he’s not going to be familiar with those particular grounds, those particular surgeons, that particular ward, then it’s going to terrify him,” she said.

“It’s going to make the whole healing process after surgery a lot longer.”:

Conclusive evidence cannabis linked to earlier onset of psychosis”:

Antipsychotic and antidepressant medication is on the rise in Sydney nursing homes”:

Lifestyle changes as treatment for mental health concerns, depression, anxiety”:

Casual games trump meds for depression”:

Stress, emotions and body response”:

Stigma, prejudice and subtle clues from the community”:

Depression: New model for probing antidepressant actions, Depression & addiction-prone women, Is patient’s preference for treatment relevant to outcome?”:

The most comprehensive and accurate scale for assessing depression is not the one that is most used”:

Seeing Red: Selling Generalized Anxiety Disorder”:

Therapy helps mend brain in Social Anxiety Disorder”:

Johns Hopkins Health Alerts: Bipolar Disorder ~ Beyond typical mood swings”:

Lithium increases certain brain regions in Bipolar Disorder”:

YouTube Self-Harm videos could be reinforcing behavior”:

DBT – Family Skills Training: A Treatment Model for Families and Relatives of People with BPD”:

Introducing Adventures of a Bipolar Mom”:

Immune system genes associated with increased risk of mental illness”:

People with Schizophrenia more likely to have multiple copies of a gene on chromosome 7”:

MindHacks: Five Minutes Past Trauma”:

For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in women, new biological pathway identified”:

The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise confirmed by Review”:

Suicidal teens and eating disorders linked, under reported”:

Self-drawings identify women with eating disorders”:

BPS Research Digest: Stroke cures man of life-long stammer”:

Juggling languages can build better brains”:

Most locked-in patients happy”:

Anger perceived as masculine, sadness as feminine”:

Woman’s self-worth impacts Facebook behavior”:

Be positive and live longer”:

Employment, job happiness influences quality of sleep”:

Awake despite Anesthesia”:

Why passion is a gift”:

Relationships: Sex & Morality, Divorce & Reconciliation, Marriage Good For Men Physically & Women Mentally, Double-Dating Improves Romance, Online Dating, Healing From Infidelity & More …”:

12 steps to break your addiction to a person”:

Can Mindfulness alter the power that death holds over us?”:

15 Quotes that motivate and inspire”:

Physicians need guidelines on use of social media”:

Blood group anomoly could explain Tudor King’s reproductive problems and tyrannical behavior”:

Virtual Hospital”:


“MPs highlight impact of Education Bill on autistic children”:

“Autistic teens can blossom with support”:

“Brandon Strong, 10 year old autistic boy, punished for behavior caused by his condition”:

“Mother wins school battle for autistic son”:

“Autism and bullying: Is your autistic child aware s/he is being bullied?”:

“Girl Scout Council to explore hidden world of girl bullying in March”:

“New Jersey college wants higher ed possible for those with disabilities”:

“Sandwich school receives grant for developmentally disabled students”:

“CCSD looking for right balance to teach special needs students”:

“Autism school go-ahead likely”:

“Taylor Parrish finds his voice using technology”:

“SMART Board super for special needs children”:

“Marbella dad’s app for autistic children”:

“Learning social skills in College helps predict work, career success”:


“ASPIRITECH: Startup announces plans to exclusive hire applicants with Asperger’s”:

“Temple Grandin appeals to corporate audience: They’re assets at work – and they’re autistic”:

“Mildly autistic an untapped pool of work force talent”:

“Does asperger’s make you a better software coder”:

“Equality laws aid economic recovery”:

“Concern over disability benefits cut”:

“Life not worth living’ for disabled facing benefit cuts”:

“Blind people will lose £30 per week under new benefit regime, says RNIB”:

“NAS Media Response: Concern that those with hidden disabilities will miss out on vital benefits”:

“NAS: Protect DLA for autistic people”:

“Disability charities raise welfare concerns”:

“Call for discrimination measures in Guernsey”:

“New disability test ‘is a complete mess’, says the man who designed it”:

“The medical was an absolute joke”:

“Disabled people have every right to ‘get pious’ about MPs’ discrimination”:

“This blunt-instrument welfare reform will harm the most vulnerable”:

“Should you tell your boss about a mental illness?”:

NonPareil “Autism and Asperger’s hope for employment: Part 1”:

“Autism and Asperger’s hope for employment: Part 2”:

Autism and Asperger’s hope for employment: Part 3”:

Asperger Informatik AG “Professionelles Webdesign und Software Testing in Zurich”:

Asperger Informatik AG taps into huge potential”:

Creative Support Ltd”:

Autelligent Laboratories

We believe all people have a contribution to make and deserve an opportunity to be productive.

With your caring and excellent help, we are creating jobs for the 40 million people worldwide who are diagnosed with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Today less than one in five of us are currently employed. We are motivated and competent and we deserve equal employment. Help make this a reality.

Autelligent Laboratories is dedicated to creating a space where autistic software engineers can more than contribute, we can excel.”:

Luxury Quality Scented Candles “Humbolt Candles – Autism & Disability Employment Company”:

Individuality, Diversity, Equality, Achievement is an Aspie & Autie friendly site for all people on the Autistic Spectrum who are ready to dare reach out to occupation and employment, open the doors to the community and market their abilities directly to the public and for those interested in supporting these pioneers.


Linking job seekers with vacancies in work related to autism, Aspergers and ASDs

“Employment within the NAS”:

For further employment information, please view”:


“A look inside Temple Grandin’s mind (Q&A)”:,0,4520788.story

“Living with Asperger’s: One young man’s story”:

Caroline Hearst “Picking up on Asperger’s”:

“Denise Kirkby: I discovered I was autistic when my boy was diagnosed”:

“Autism and retardation are just words as Glee actress takes on bullying”:

“It’s not a ‘disability’ – Part 1”:

“It’s not a ‘disability’ – Part 2”:

“Asperger’s syndrome and finding your sport”:

“ACEing autism teaches children tennis to help improve motor and social skills”:

“Running mum raises cash for son’s charity”:

“Blind photographer star of TV ad filmed in Blackpool”:

“What can’t the iPad do? Very little, it seems”:


“3 provinces failing students with ADHD: Study”:

“Children with ADHD much more likely to develop substance abuse problems as they age”:

Podcast: An interview with Katherine Ellison on ADHD”:

ADHD linked to the genes”:

Why ADHD drug alternatives are so effective”:

International young citizen Luke sets sights on Arctic expedition”:

ADRES “Adverse Drug Reaction Electronic System(Adverse Drug Reactions Website)”- This website provides patients, doctors, and other medical professionals with a comprehensive examination of adverse drug reactions (ADRs), side effects, and other safety information for both prescription and over-the-counter medications.. Our goal is to allow users of our website make informed decisions when taking (patients) or prescribing (doctors) drugs. We are providing unmatched information and analysis tools.”:
Our objective is to promote awareness to AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and to provide information and as much free practical help as we can to those affected by the condition, both adults and children, their families in the UK and around the World via this website.

ADDISS” The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service…


hi2u ADHD Pages”:



“Tooele musical savant continues to advance”:

“Music therapist enriches the lives of special-needs teens and adults”:

The Jazz of Matt Savage”:


“The AutisMusic Project”:


“Eric Jiani”:

“End this arts apartheid”:

“Buffalo CVB exhibit highlights work of autistic artists”:

GLIMPSE – the talents of the autism community

They are painters, sculptors and photographers; poets and storytellers; musicians and creators of amazing video games. They are kids, teens and adults. Last year, a new online publication arose to celebrate the talents of autistic individuals and other developmental disabilities: GLIMPSE, offered by ICDL (The Interdisciplinary Council of Developmental and Learning Disorders). In late 2008, Volume 2 of GLIMPSE was released, and was expanded into a print book and notecards. The works are serious, humourous, deeply personal and illuminating. See it for yourself, share it with others, submit your own/your child’s work for inclusion in Volume 3, to release later this year. Find information and ordering details at

ARTROOM ………where under 17s can make and display art online”:


“Caryn Sullivan: Temple Grandin – different, but not less”:

BBC1 My Life: Stammer School“Michael Palin’s a class act at talking”:

“Pinball wizard Robert Gagno’s TV debut”:

“Unusual romances”:

“Keifer Sutherland may star as autism father in new TV show”:

“Actors for Autism”:


“Best Practice Book Review: Asperger’s and Girls”:

“Charity launches books for the blind appeal”:

Schizophrenia affects 1 in 100 w’wide “Book describes family’s experience with schizophrenia”:

“Henry’s Demons: review”:

The Omega Theory “The physicist who knew too much”:

“A Good Read: Battle of the books highlights great reads … Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin is about a 12-year-old autistic boy named Jason. Although Jason’s autism may seem to make him an atypical protagonist, his feelings of isolation, dread for PE and wish for a girlfriend are pretty universal. Jason finds solace in writing, posting his stories on an online writing forum.”:

“BlogHer: Thanks for reading our novel”:


  “Asperger Syndrome – What Teachers Need to Know: Second Edition”

Matt Winter

With Clare Lawrence


  “The Choices Game: Staying Safe in Social Situations”(Board game)

Christopher McMaster


  “The Social and Life Skills MeNu: A Skill Building Workbook for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders”

Karra M. Barber


  “Securing Appropriate Education Provision for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Guide for Parents and Professionals”

Allison Hope-West

Foreword by Glenys Jones

“Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child: Meeting Needs in a Natural Setting”

Nancy Williams

Illustrated by Leslie White

“Arts as an Early Intervention Tool for Children with Autism”

Nicole Martin

“Amazingly … Alphie:Understanding and Accepting Different Ways of Being”(Age group 4-10 years)

Beverly Ransom and Roz Espin

“Activity Schedules for Children with Autism” Teaching Independent Behavior”

Lynn E. McClannahan and Patricia J. Krantz

“More Than Little Professors – Children with Asperger Syndrome: In Their Own Words”

Eric Hoffer Aware Honorable Mention, Memoir (2010)

International Book Award Winner (2010)

Lisa Barrett Mann, M.S.Ed.

“Out and About: Preparing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to Participate in their Communities”

Amy Bixler Coffin and Jill Hudson, MS, CCLS

“Girls Under the Umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Practical Solutions for Addressing Challenges”

Danielle Wendel and Lori Ernsberger, Ph. D.

“Foreign Language Titles re Autism/AS”

“OAASIS – Publications, Guides, Booklets & Cards re Autism, AS, Learning Disabilities”

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