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January 2011




Castle of Hunedoara, Transylvania



Mum of Pudsey teenager kicked in head appeals for witnesses”:


Couple sues over school repeatedly restraining autistic child”:


Chief questions use of Taser on 10 year-old boy”:


New TV appeal by missing man’s parents fail”:


[Australia] “Bill Shorten MP: Disability eNews”:


White House remains steadfast in support of Disability Council Nominee, Ari Ne’eman”:


[Australia] “Specialist Autism Services launched in Brisbane for children”:


Support service to start in Devon city for older carers”:


Albert Gonzalez Case “Hackers high life brought to an end with 20-year sentence”:


Charity worker Jonathon Dibb dies aged 36 … From 2007, he worked as a welfare rights advisor with the National Autistic Society. In this role he helped families throughout the country gain access to benefits and allowances they were entitled to. “Jonathan loved his work, and got huge amounts of satisfaction from it,” said Jen. “He took it upon himself to learn a lot about autism for the role and really made it his own.”:



Autism susceptibility genes identified”:


Songbird genome to treat speech disorders”:


BPS Research Digest: The Special Issue Spotter”:


Widely used screening scale may misidentify Borderline Personality Disorder as Bipolar Disorder”:


Disruption in Brain Connection Linked to Genetic Defect in Schizophrenia”:

Picking our brains: What are mirror neurons?”:


Persistent Migraine Aura: The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes”:


PTSD: Cannabis Science Officially Begins its First Pre-IND FDA Application Process for PTSD”:


Latest on Depression: Long-Term Treatment of Depression with SSRIs & Newer Antidepressants, Top 10 Signs of Depression, Anesthesia Drugs May Relieve Depression & More …”:


Latest Depression Research: Genetic Link for Stress Induced Depression?, 7 Strategies To Aid Relapse Recovery, Middle-Aged?, Adoptive Parents & PDD & More …”:

[Australia] “Psychologist uses Harry Potter books to treat Teen Depression”:

Exercise ‘Therapy’ for Depression”:


Pilots can take antidepressants while on duty; FAA lifts 70-year-old ban that many ignored”:


Treatment options for Generalized Anxiety Disorder/Massage & Simple Relaxation”:


Natural Remedies Ineffective for Anxiety”:


Sleep/Anxiety Matters: A Boy and his Bad Dreams”:


Cardiac Health and Creative Engagement”:


Happiness: Reach for the Sky for Positive Thoughts, Who Killed Happiness?, Building Strong Internal Resources”:


Narcissists Who Cry: The Other Side of the Ego”:


Is Narcissism a Leadership Trait?”:

Women face Inequality in Professional, Family Lives”:


Work Addiction Defined”:


Teen Blogging: A Good Thing!”:


Introducing New Blog: Light, Laughter & Life”:


Large, Longitudinal Study Finds Tentative Links Between Internet Use & Loneliness”:


5 Gifts of Being Highly Sensitive”:


Relationships: Controlling Men, Male & Misunderstood, Questions About Marriage, Monogomy, Multiple Relationships & More …”:


Virtual Hospital”:



The challenge of change”:


Teenage bullying leads to 9 indictments/Bullies’ behavior driven by pursuit of status and affection”:


Bic Kids and the NAS … Bic has made a £15,000 donation to the NAS’s education support service, which helps teachers in mainstream schools who work with autistic pupils.”:


Parents raise concerns with Education Minister”:


Education assistants essential”:


Married with GPAs: Students juggle school, work, families … Dottie Fitzpatrick, a special education senior, 27, is married with two children. Her children have autism, Asperger’s syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Fitzpatrick said this led to her decision to go to school and study special education.”:


Young Stanwell boy re-accepted on course thanks to Staines News …”:


Kids can be twice exceptional”:


Everyone’s an actor in this theater group for home-schooled students”:



[Australia] “Only autistic people need apply”:


I beat trauma of blindness to build £1m firm”:


Flawed benefit system classifies terminally ill man fit for work”:


Creative Support Ltd”:

“Autelligent Laboratories

We believe all people have a contribution to make and deserve an opportunity to be productive.

With your caring and excellent help, we are creating jobs for the 40 million people worldwide who are diagnosed with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Today less than one in five of us are currently employed. We are motivated and competent and we deserve equal employment. Help make this a reality.

Autelligent Laboratories is dedicated to creating a space where autistic software engineers can more than contribute, we can excel.”:


Luxury Quality Scented Candles “Humbolt Candles – Autism & Disability Employment Company”:”:
Individuality, Diversity, Equality, Achievement is an Aspie & Autie friendly site for all people on the Autistic Spectrum who are ready to dare reach out to occupation and employment, open the doors to the community and market their abilities directly to the public and for those interested in supporting these pioneers.




Linking job seekers with vacancies in work related to autism, Aspergers and ASDs


Current job vacancies within the NAS”:


For further employment information, please view”:



Stereotypes don’t always apply when it comes to autism”:


Socialization skills crucial for autistic teens”:


McNamara: Try to learn more about autism … What can we as a society do to change attitudes about people we may see as being different? First, it is most important to remember that people with ASD are people. Like all of us, there are things they are good at and things at which they are not so good. We all have to find where our particular talents lie and go with them. If Billy Joel, Albert Einstein, Lady GaGa or even Temple Grandin had spent their lives trying to be professional basketball players, they would probably be considered failures. Instead, we celebrate what their unique talents have achieved. Much too often we say “What’s wrong with that person?” when we ought to be saying, “What’s right?” Persons with ASD have made valuable contributions to society and we should focus on developing the different talents and abilities that lie in all of us. ”:


Vive le difference, we say!”:


Heartbreak over care home”:


Most adoptions from China now special-needs cases”:


The Autism Project”:


How do you know when your child is ready to live independently? (Part 1)”:


How do you know when your child is ready to live independently? (part 2)”:


Autism Romania – Association of Parents of Children with Autism
Postal address: OP9 CP95 Bucharest
Street address: Apele Vii Street, 28
6th district, Bucharest
tel: +40 21 424 7388
fax: + 40 21 230 3614
e-mail: or

Romanian Sunset

Romanian Sunset

Asociatia Romana pentru Copli Autisti (ARCA)
contact Jules Janssen at the ICA in Germany
tel: 31-4493-4711

Alba, Romania

Alba, Romania

Foundation Pentru Voi
47 Ioan Slavici St.,
Timisoara, 300521
Tel: 0040.256.228.062, 0040.356.421.216,
Tel/Fax: 0040.356.421.215



ANED – Romania: Facts & Figures Re Disability, Reports on Employment, Social Inclusion & Protection, Resources, Organisations & More”:

Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, Romania
This castle is one of the most important well preserved Gothic castles in Europe. It was built on top of an old Roman fortress with an interesting history, having the known connection of Vlad the Impaler or the historical Dracula who was imprisoned for 7 years in this castle.

Prospects – In Romania”:


Orthodox Cathedral in Arad

Save the Children Romania”:

Town Hall, Oradea

Town Hall, Oradea, Transylvania

BAAF – The Opening Doors Disability Project”:

Small Village, Romania

Small Village, Romania: This picture was taken in Romania, in a small village that only has a couple of houses and a little Church that is deeply buried into the autumn coloured trees…all at the bottom of the Carpathian mountains.

AlertNet – Rights of children with disabilities left unfulfilled for too long”:

Sighisoara, Romania

Sighisoara, Romania

Hope and Homes for Children – Romania”:

Traditional Costume

The Buovina People wearing Traditional Costume, Romania

FRODO – Foundation for the Relief of Disabled Orphans”:

Elegant Horses, Cavnic, Hija

Horses, Cavnic, Hija

Romania Guide”:

Fagaras Mountains

Fagaras Mountains

Romania Facts”:

Transfagarasan Road

Transfagarasan Road as featured on Top Gear. Probably one of the most amazing roads you’ll ever drive on. It´s also Romania´s highest mountain road, which was featured in BBC’s Topgear Romania Special.

Romania Map”:



Romania: National Geographic World Music”:

Mathias Rex

Statue: Mathias Rex , Cluj-Napoca , Romania
The statue was designed by Fadrusz Janos, whose work of art won the Great prize of the Paris World Exhibition, in 1900. Unveiled in 1902, it was inaugurated as the statue of “Mathias, king of Hungary”. After the liberation of the country in 1944, its name was changed to “King Matei Corvin”, renamed by historian Daicoviciu, as “Mathias Rex”.

Romania – Official Travel and Tourism Information”:

George Enescu

George Enescu (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈd​͡ʒe̯ord​͡ʒe eˈnesku]; known in France as Georges Enesco; 19 August 1881, Liveni – 4 May 1955, Paris) was a Romanian composer, violinist, pianist, conductor and teacher.

George Enescu Museum, Bucharest

George Enescu Museum, Bucharest

Traditional Dishes, Romania

Traditional Dishes, Romania



Adult Psychiatric Outcomes of Girls With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: 11-Year Follow-Up in a Longitudinal Case-Control Study”:


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is Associated with Attachment Insecurity”:


Synergy between behavioral and pharmacologic interventions for ADHD”:


Health Tip: Managing ADHD”:


Meta-cognitive therapy more effective for adult ADHD patients: study”:


ADRES “Adverse Drug Reaction Electronic System(Adverse Drug Reactions Website)”- This website provides patients, doctors, and other medical professionals with a comprehensive examination of adverse drug reactions (ADRs), side effects, and other safety information for both prescription and over-the-counter medications.. Our goal is to allow users of our website make informed decisions when taking (patients) or prescribing (doctors) drugs. We are providing unmatched information and analysis tools.”:
Our objective is to promote awareness to AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and to provide information and as much free practical help as we can to those affected by the condition, both adults and children, their families in the UK and around the World via this website.


ADDISS” The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service…




hi2u ADHD Pages”:





Swimming Challenges ~ Includes Great Swim Series 2010(June – September 2010)”:

The Great Swim series is taking place at various locations during summer 2010. There will be four televised one-mile outdoor swims, staged in lakes, lochs and docks around the UK.


10-kilometre runs”:


Trek the Sahara – 5-25 March 2010 or 29 Oct-8 Nov 2010”:


Trek the Inca Trail – 22-31 May 2010”:


Trek Snowdon – 11–3 June 2010”:


Trek the Jurassic Coast – 16-18 July 2010”:


Trek Mount Kilimanjaro – 29 Sept-10 Oct 2010”:


Trek the Great Wall of China – 9-18 Oct 2010”:


Trek to Everest Base Camp – 5-21 November 2010”:


Cycle Cuba – 14-22 March 2010”:


London to Paris 2010 – 5-8 June”:


L’Etape du Tour 2010 – 18 July 2010”


“Sky Diving – All Year Round”:



Derek Paravacini’s Blog”:


Derek Paravacini’s Official Website”:

The AutisMusic Project”:



GLIMPSE – the talents of the autism community

They are painters, sculptors and photographers; poets and storytellers; musicians and creators of amazing video games. They are kids, teens and adults. Last year, a new online publication arose to celebrate the talents of autistic individuals and other developmental disabilities: GLIMPSE, offered by ICDL (The Interdisciplinary Council of Developmental and Learning Disorders). In late 2008, Volume 2 of GLIMPSE was released, and was expanded into a print book and notecards. The works are serious, humourous, deeply personal and illuminating. See it for yourself, share it with others, submit your own/your child’s work for inclusion in Volume 3, to release later this year. Find information and ordering details at


ARTROOM ………where under 17s can make and display art online”:



Shah Rukh Khan MNIK in English, shorter for Germany, Poland, France”:


The London Eye Mystery at the Unicorn, London SE1”:


Film paints a colorful portrait of autistic artist”:


Actors for Autism”:



Author Mark Haddon: ‘What I love about theatre is that it’s like being a kid again”:


Author Michael Lewis discusses Wall Street woes … The loner with a glass eye, a medical degree and Asperger’s who makes millions betting against the subprime mortgage-bond market is just one of the unlikely heroes in Michael Lewis’ The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine (Norton, $27.95). “:


The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis review”:


“My New School: A Workbook To Help Students Transition To A New School”

by Melissa L. Trautman, MS. Ed.


“Middle School: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About – A Teenage Girl With High-Functioning

Autism Shares Her Experiences”

by Haley Moss

Award Winning “Learners on the Autism Spectrum: Preparing Highly Qualified Educators”

Editors: Kari Dunn and Pamela Wolfberg Ph.D.

Now Available on iTunes, iPhone & iTouch!

Apple® iPhone and iTouch Applications

“Transition or Transformation?”

Helping young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder set out on a hopeful road towards their adult lives

John Clements, Julia Hardy and Stephanie Lord

“Developing College Skills in Students with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome”

Sarita Freedman

Foreword by Tony Attwood


Furry Vengeance”


Synopsis: “FURRY VENGEANCE” is a live action family comedy in which an ambitious young real estate developer, Dan Sanders, faces off with a band of angry animals when his new housing subdivision pushes too far into a pristine part of the wilderness. Led by an incredibly clever raccoon, the animals stymie the development and teach our hero about the environmental consequences of man’s encroachment on nature.

Toy Story 3 Coming June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3: New Toys Gallery”:


Super Mario Galaxy 2(Wii)

Release Date: June 11, 2010


Puzzle game ‘Tetris’ eases long-term stress”:


Look, no hands: Cars that drive better than you:”


Is This The End of Your Radio?”:



Picking Our Brains: Can We Regenerate The Brain?:


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Romanian Mountains


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