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January 2011




 Thor's Hammer, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah


Case against mother in son’s death to proceed”:

State: No evidence Woods Services resident was abused … A state agency has found no evidence that staff at a Middletown center that provides services for severely disabled individuals abused a 19-year-old resident with mental disabilities who was hospitalized last month with facial cuts and bruises and a neck fracture. ”:

Students face felony for bullying autistic boy”:

Cowardly thugs attack autistic teen”:

Autism caregiver charged with child abuse”:

Louisville caregiver arrested, charged with abusing 13 year old autistic boy”:

Deputies find missing autistic girl near Scotts Valley”:

Blind activist Chen Guangcheng freed in China”:

Stevie Wonder urges U.N. bring light to the blind”:

Houston employment lawyer Charles H. Peckham files $50 million discrimination lawsuit against Montgomery County Juvenile Probation Department and Conroe ISD”:

Autism services needed for N.B. Adults”:

NHS failing autistic children: A National Autistic Society response to the Kennedy Review, UK”:

NAS: Learning Disability Coalition launches “Protect the Frontline” Campaign”:

NAS Cymru launches public survey”:

A Message from Bill Shorten MP/Latest Election News”:

Conference (Berkshire, UK) with Dean Beadle “Being Me: Views of Autism – BAS 2oth Anniversary Conference – October 8th 2010”:

Gary McKinnon Updates “UK-US extradition treaty to be reviewed”:

Travelers with disabilities face obstacles at airports”:

Autism charity calls for NI audit/NAS – Carer’s Rights”:


Autism in boys linked to missing gene on X-chromosome”:

Male autism linked to DNA”:

Maths modelling unlocks developmental disorders, Australia”:

Further Rigorous Research Required: Autism drug aims to balance brain signals”:

Dangerous blood clot risk linked to newer antipsychotics”:

Misfolded neural proteins linked to autism disorders”:

Study No. 10 “Once more, no link found between vaccine preservative and autism”:

Cognitive skills in autistic children vary and improve, study finds”:

Children under four and autistic children don’t yawn contagiously”:

Common antibiotic relieves anxiety and boosts attention in those with Fragile X Syndrome”:

Abstract: Neurofeedback outcomes in clients with Aspergers Syndrome”:

Oxytocin helps socially challenged”:

How mature is your child’s brain?”:

5-minute scan reveals brain maturity”:

MIT researchers find that interneurones are not all created equally”:

New mental health information for people with learning disability and their carers, UK”:

Can teacher’s mental health be improved?”:

CQC publishes the views of 17,000 people using Community Mental Health Services, UK”:

Introducing Autism, Asperger’s and Beyond”:

Lower intelligence linked to inflammation”:

Eating disorder treatment: A family affair”:

Melatonin: Sweet dreams for autistic children”:

How brain activity is linked to sleep”:

14 Strategies for Sleeping Better”:

Medications for Insomnia and Anxiety could be dangerous”:

Underlying causes of Childhood Obsessive-Compulsive and Tourette’s Disorders targeted by new treatment options”:

Hospital diaries protect from PTSD”:

UK Military turns to Public Care for Mental Health”:

Holocaust pain persists”:

Zombies stalk the Earth!”:

New program for teens, young adults experiencing 1st psychotic episode”:

Study examines association between Urban Living and Psychotic Disorders”:

Combining medication and psychosocial treatments may benefit patients with early-stage schizophrenia”:

Mind Hacks: The Book of Reality Distortions”:

World Suicide Prevention Day: NAMI blog discusses Kurt Vonnegut, Despair and Saving Lives/Program to be tested in High Schools”:

Researchers learn how Prozac works”:

Living a Positive Life with Bipolar (Manic) Depression”:

Music prescription for depression”:

What is the relationship of depression and inability to express emotions in middle-aged men?”:

Chronic stress may cause long-lasting epigenetic changes”:

Better treatment of Anxiety Disorder”:

5 ways to manage Fall anxiety”:

Some teens practice severe form of self-injury”:

New perspective improves self-control”:

Discrimination lowers teens physical health”:

Migraine gives woman French accent”:

Surfing lessons as therapy on the NHS(Includes Video 1:45)”:

San Francisco’s homeless mentally ill: Still neglected”:

Why ‘Thank You’ is more than just good manners”:

BPS Research Digest: The Special Issue Spotter”:

Mind Hacks: Rare footage of physical treatments in psychiatry, 1957”:

Leaders have high emotional intelligence”:

BPS Research Digest: Why are women chosen to lead organisations in a crisis?”:

What if Body Language doesn’t give you away?”:

Getting drunk key to bonding for young people”:

Brain region linked to introspective thoughts”:

Hard-wired for chocolate and hybrid cars? How genetics affect consumer choice”:

Facebook: 7 Highly Effective Habits”:

Proof Positive: NOT(Negative Oriented Therapy): The Cure for Happiness”:

Relationships: Social Connections, Sons Reduce Likelihood of Divorce, Coping with Divorce, The Bipolar Relationship, How to Improve Your Mood and Reduce Tension, How To Be Happy, Confucian Style”:

Relationships: Online Dating Insights, Can Other People Make Us Happy?, Freedom to Love & More …”:

Virtual Hospital”:


NAS “Government asks for views on education for children with special educational needs”:

NAS Media Response: Ofsted’s review of SEN and Disability”:

Half of special needs children misdiagnosed/Ofsted Report on Special Needs comes under fire”:

Eden School: New autism school opens in Fort Myers”:

NY Gifted Education: First 2e school opened its doors in NYC this past Monday”:

Autism Oasis “School uses unique methods to teach autistic children”:

Autistic Society school in Devon may lose 30 staff”:

Countess of Wessex opens new £3m extension to autism school”:

Royal visit for new school”:

Teacher and Author of Award Winning Book on Autism “Raleigh Co. educator named W.Va. Teacher of Year”:

Model preschool program emphasizes inclusion for children with disabilities”:

Program launched for deaf, autistic students”:

An Autistic Boy and his Dog “Milo and Chad”:


Creative Support Ltd”: 


Autelligent Laboratories

We believe all people have a contribution to make and deserve an opportunity to be productive.

With your caring and excellent help, we are creating jobs for the 40 million people worldwide who are diagnosed with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Today less than one in five of us are currently employed. We are motivated and competent and we deserve equal employment. Help make this a reality.

Autelligent Laboratories is dedicated to creating a space where autistic software engineers can more than contribute, we can excel.”:

Luxury Quality Scented Candles “Humbolt Candles – Autism & Disability Employment Company”:”:
Individuality, Diversity, Equality, Achievement is an Aspie & Autie friendly site for all people on the Autistic Spectrum who are ready to dare reach out to occupation and employment, open the doors to the community and market their abilities directly to the public and for those interested in supporting these pioneers.


Linking job seekers with vacancies in work related to autism, Aspergers and ASDs

Employment within the NAS”:

For further employment information, please view”:


Autism’s first child … Meet Donald Gray Triplett, 77, the First Person Ever Diagnosed With Autism”:

My child is not a monster. He is autistic”:

Making the world work for autistic adults”:

Vive le Difference!: Stereotyping Autistic People”:

Temple Grandin “Alternative Thinking: Animal behaviorist and autism activist talks the advantages of thinking differently”:

Bob Denver leaves lasting legacy in West Virginia”:

Babies on antipsychotics?!”:

Australia “Interventions in a baffling world: autism spectrum disorders”:

Thomas & Friends unite with Autism NZ”:

Leeds Pumpkin Farm Autism Harvest Festival”:

Coco Key Resort Mt Laurel NJ for autistic kids with sensory needs”:

A dog for Vincent”:

Campers take the path less traveled”:

Labelling children with special needs”:

The social signs of autism vary between each person but many share commonalities in social behavior”:

Autism may present at different ages. Know the signs and symptoms of autism for a 1 year old”:


Autism Society Utah Chapter”:

1733 West 12600 South #106

Riverton UT 84065

(Salt Lake County)

(801) 708-4404 (Main Phone)

Fax: (801) 302-8282

E-Mail address:


 Utah Capitol

Utah Capitol

Utah State Resources”:

Canyonland National Park

Canyonland National Park

Autism Schools in Colorado and Utah: The Joshua School, Carmen B. Pingree, and Spectrum Academy”:

Coyote Buttes

Coyote Buttes

Salt Lake City schools for kids with Asperger’s Syndrome”:

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

Layton UT Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician Doctors”:

Lenticular Clouds, Mount Timpanogos

A Midsummer Night's Lightning Storm, Utah

A Midsummer Night’s Lightning Storm(Utah’s Great Salt Lake, Garfield Junction)

Provo UT Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician Doctors”:


“JUPITER”, a wood-burning locomotive, is a replica of the original which was present when the golden spike was driven, completing the first transcontinental railroad. It’s on display at The Golden Spike Historic Site near Ogden, Utah.

Work Ability Utah – Opening Doors for Work”:

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Spectrum Academy, Utah”:

Monument Valley, Navajo

Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park(on the Utah/Arizona border)

Utah family: 6 on the spectrum”:

Jeep Liberty Prototype in Moab

Jeep Liberty prototype in Moab

Utah Guide”:

Arches, Peek-A-Boo Gulch

Arches, Peek-A-Boo Gulch

Utah Facts”:

Mojave Desert Sunset

A mojave desert sunset, back-lighting a cactus with some Joshua trees in the background.

Utah Map”:

Desert Horned Lizard

Desert Horned Lizard

Black Tailed Jack Rabbit

Black Tailed Jack Rabbit

Wild Mountain Lion

 Wild Mountain Lion

Cruise Yampa White Water in Vernal, Utah”:

Bingham/Kennecott Mine

Bingham/Kennecott Mine: The Bingham Canyon Mine, also known as the Kennecott Copper Mine, is an open-pit mining operation extracting a large porphyry copper deposit southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, in the Oquirrh Mountains. It is owned by Rio Tinto Group, an international mining and exploration company headquartered in the United Kingdom. The copper operations at Bingham Canyon Mine are managed through Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation which operates the mine, a concentrator plant, a smelter, and a refinery. The mine has been in production since 1906, and has resulted in the creation of a pit over 0.75 miles (1.2 km) deep, 2.5 miles (4 km) wide, and covering 1,900 acres (7.7 km²). According to Kennecott, it is the world’s largest man-made excavation. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966 under the name Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine.

Southwest Guide: Utah”:

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Video: Utah National Parks 2:34”:

Water Cuts Rock

 Water Cuts Rock: A translucent and symmetrical 12′ (4 meter) waterfall in Zion National Park

The Subway, Zion National Park

 The Subway, Zion National Park

Cedar Waxwings

The Cedar Waxwings are migratory and are found in northern Utah for only a few days in the fall and spring. There were about 500 birds in the flock that were eating these berries.

Utah Garden Cottage

 Utah Garden Cottage: Roses cover the cottage in June at The Garden Cottage Bed and Breakfast in historic downtown Cedar City, Utah. Just across from the site of the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Midway between Zion and Bryce National Parks.


Wildwood, Utah Valley: A beautiful day otherwise, the 10,000 foot Rockies block airflow, allowing a thick inversion layer to form over the Utah Valley. Because of this sea-like inversion layer, this location was ranked on one particular day last week as having the worst air quality in the nation. Despite this inversion, far away in the valley, the skiing at Sundance is absolutely amazing (where there’s nothing but great ski runs and blue skies).

Mountain Trail in Provo Canyon

Mountain trail in Provo Canyon

Utah Lake near Provo

Fox Family, Milford

 Fox Family, Milford

Springtime, Milford

Springtime in Milford

Springville Museum of Art

 Springville Museum of Art: This quilt won best of show. Wonderfully detailed.


NAMI launches online ADHD Resource Center to support children and adults”:

One in five hyperactive kids possibly misdiagnosed”:

9.2% of Michigan children diagnosed with ADHD”:

Does your inattentive child have ADD/ADHD or a vision problem?”:

Important step forward in research on ADHD and substance abuse”:

Researchers identify ways to improve treatment of aggression in ADHD”:

ADHD and Conduct Disorder: Delinquency in teens with ADHD”:

Coping with ADHD at home”:

Tips for parenting ADHD kids: Free seminar to educate and support parents of children with ADHD”:

Information for students with ADHD”:

Free Natural Health Ebook: Managing the Summertime Ups and Downs of ADD/ADHD”:

ADRES “Adverse Drug Reaction Electronic System(Adverse Drug Reactions Website)”- This website provides patients, doctors, and other medical professionals with a comprehensive examination of adverse drug reactions (ADRs), side effects, and other safety information for both prescription and over-the-counter medications.. Our goal is to allow users of our website make informed decisions when taking (patients) or prescribing (doctors) drugs. We are providing unmatched information and analysis tools.”:
Our objective is to promote awareness to AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and to provide information and as much free practical help as we can to those affected by the condition, both adults and children, their families in the UK and around the World via this website.


ADDISS” The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service…




hi2u ADHD Pages”:




10-kilometre runs”:


Trek the Sahara – 5-25 March 2010 or 29 Oct-8 Nov 2010”:


Big Fun Run (See Link For UK Location Dates):


Victory for Autism Bike Ride – 11 September 2010”:


Land’s End to John O’Groat’s Bike Ride – 28 Sept-10 Oct 2010/3-15 May 2011”:


Royal Parks Half Marathon – 10 October 2010”:


Trek Mount Kilimanjaro – 8-19 Oct 2010/2-13 Feb 2011/13-24 July 2011”:


Trek the Great Wall of China – 9-18 Oct 2010/8-16 October 2011”:


Trek to Everest Base Camp – 5-21 November 2010/25 March – 10 April 2011/4-20 Nov 2011”:


Trek to the Home of the Dalai Lama – 17-28 March 2011 and 15-26 Sept 2011”:


Trek the Inca Trail – 14-23 May 2011”:


Icelandic Lava Trek – 20-24 July 2011”:


“Sky Diving – All Year Round”:


Colin Brennan: 8 year old singing sensation needs North Oakville’s help to win contest”:

The AutisMusic Project”:


The paintings of Jessica Park”:

GLIMPSE – the talents of the autism community

They are painters, sculptors and photographers; poets and storytellers; musicians and creators of amazing video games. They are kids, teens and adults. Last year, a new online publication arose to celebrate the talents of autistic individuals and other developmental disabilities: GLIMPSE, offered by ICDL (The Interdisciplinary Council of Developmental and Learning Disorders). In late 2008, Volume 2 of GLIMPSE was released, and was expanded into a print book and notecards. The works are serious, humourous, deeply personal and illuminating. See it for yourself, share it with others, submit your own/your child’s work for inclusion in Volume 3, to release later this year. Find information and ordering details at

ARTROOM ………where under 17s can make and display art online”:


Austin celebrates Emmy Awards for Temple Grandin”:

Comedy Central’s star-studded benefit for autism education, airing Oct. 21”:

Actors for Autism”:


(Video 6:37)“Anne Droyd & Century Lodge by Will Hadcroft”:

Setting Up Classroom Spaces That Support Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders”

by Susan Kabot, Ed.D., CCC-SLP and Christine Reeve, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Improving Speech and Eating Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders – An Oral Motor Program for Home and School”

by Maureen A. Flanagan

Activity Schedules for Children with Autism: Teaching Independent Behavior”

by Lynn E. McClannahan and Patricia J. Krantz

You’re Going to Love This Kid!” Teaching Students with Autism in the Classroom

by Paula Kluth; foreword by Eugene Marcus

Arnie and His School Tools: Simple Sensory Solutions That Build Success”

by Jennifer Veenendall

Guns A’Blazing: How Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum and Schools Can Work Together – Without a Shot Being Fired”

by Jeff Cohen

Indigo Ocean Dreams: 4 Children’s Stories Designed to Decrease Stress, Anger and Anxiety while Increasing Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness” (Audio CD)

by Lori Lite

Power Cards: Using Special Interests to Motivate Children and Youth With Asperger Syndrome and Autism”

by Elisa Gagnon

Sleep Better!: A Guide to Improving Sleep for Children With Special Needs”

by Mark Durand

Teaching By Design: Using Your Computer to Create Materials for Students with Learning Differences”

by Kimberly S. Voss

Unfolding the Tent: Advocating for Your One-Of-A-Kind-Child”

by Anne Addison


Brendan and the Secret of Kells”

Release Date: October 1, 2010 W’Wide

Official Trailer:

Synopsis: The animated story of the boy behind the famed Book of Kells. 

Beautifully drawn and refreshingly calm, The Secret of Kells hearkens back to animation’s golden age with an enchanting tale inspired by Irish mythology.

World’s Greatest Dad”

Release Date: September 24, 2010 W’Wide

Official Trailer:

Synopsis: A thoughtful but outrageous comedy from Bobcat Goldthwait, WORLD’S GREATEST DAD is a story about a man that learns the things you want most may not be the things that make you happy, and that being lonely is not necessarily the same as being alone.

Robin Williams stars as Lance Clayton, a man who has learned to settle. He dreamed of being a rich and famous writer, but has only managed to make it as a high school poetry teacher. His only son Kyle (Daryl Sabara) is an insufferable jackass who won’t give his father the time of day. He is dating Claire (Alexie Gilmore), the school’s adorable art teacher, but she doesn’t want to get serious — or even acknowledge publicly that they are dating.

Then, in the wake of a freak accident, Lance suffers the worst tragedy and greatest opportunity of his life. He is suddenly faced with the possibility of all the fame, fortune and popularity he ever dreamed of, if he can only live with the knowledge of how he got there.

Written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, WORLD’S GREATEST DAD stars Robin Williams, Alexie Gilmore, Daryl Sabara, Geoff Pierson, Henry Simmons and Mitzi McCall. The film was produced by Tim Perrell, Howard Gertler, Sean McKittrick and Richard Kelly and co-produced by Sarah de Sa Rego.

Go to fullsize image

Crowe to star in Kung Fu movie”:

Alien prequel”:


Just Cause 2” (PS3, Xbox 360, PC DVD) 15+

Now Available

Escape the Museum” (Nintendo DS, Wii, PC CD, PC/Mac, DS/Lite) 3+

Release Date: October 29, 2010

Video games help improve decision making”:

Today Playstation Move, tomorrow Playstation Mind?”:

Video 3:04 “Video Game First: Legend of the Guardians becomes first major feature film and video game both produced in Australia”:

Man flies through London with rocket on his back”:

The stunt, organised by XBOX 360 to promote their Halo Reach game, lasted less than a minute.

Planet Michael Jackson to launch”:

Games that make you go Grrrrrr!”:



Deceptive Robots Hint At Machine Self-Awareness”


Gallery: The Star Photographers Who Captured The Night Sky”

Aborigines World’s First Astronomers: Study”

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Monument Valley, Sunset

Monument Valley Sunset


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