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Mary Colley created and ran the London based Neurodiversity and Dyspraxia charity DANDA. She died of breast cancer last Wednesday, September 22, 2010. Mary was greatly loved and admired by those who knew her and by those familiar with her work.  She truly made a significant difference in the lives of many, campaigning  nationally and up to the highest levels of British government. Sincere condolences to Mary’s family and to all who knew and loved her.  

Mary Colley

Mary Colley  R.I.P


Mary passed away last week and from her many friends in Ireland we send her family and friends our deepest sympathy .


Mary was a great supporter of the Dyspraxia Association of Ireland and  the Adult Group with Mark Daly .
We will all miss a truly wonderful person .


Mary Colley found out that she had developmental dyspraxia as well as AD(H)D and dyslexia in her mid forties. She helped set up the Dyspraxia Foundation Adult Support Group and also achieved a Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties at the Hornsby Centre in 1997.


Mary co-ordinated the Dyspraxia foundation Adult Support Group for about 6 years, running a helpline and organising workshops and conferences on adult dyspraxia. In 2000, her book Living with Dyspraxia – A guide for adults with dyspraxia was published with much help from the rest of the group.


Mary has worked hard to raise awareness of dyspraxia not only in print – but also via radio programmes and newspaper articles. She has spoken widely on adult dyspraxia to college and university teachers, careers officers and occupational therapists and psychologists – particularly the former. Lately, she has also spoken on neuro-diversity.


She and others became aware how frequently the different specific learning difficulties overlapped, and as a result set up DANDA – Developmental Adult Neuro-Diversity Association – a charity working for adults with dyslexia, dyspraxia, Asperger’s Syndrome and AD(H)D and related conditions in 2003. She sits on the National Aimhigher AchieveAbility Steering Group – which aims to get more students with dyspraxia, dyslexia and dyscalculia into university; and the Best Resources for Achievement and Intervention re Neurodiversity in Higher Education (BRAINHE) chaired by Dr David Pollak of De Montfort University.


She was also on the Neuro-Diversity/Autism Action and Advisory Group of the Disability Rights Commission.


Read More …  http://www.dyspraxiaireland.com/news_biog_marycolley.php

Message From DANDA …


It is with great sadness that we let you know of the death of Mary Colley, National Co-ordinator of DANDA.  In due course we will pay full and proper tribute to Mary and her work but meanwhile our thoughts and sympathies are with Peter and her family.



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