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It can take parents years to confirm an Asperger’s diagnosis for their child – and it’s even harder for girls. Learn more about this form of autism and what you can do

1. Linny left…

Sunday, 12 December 2010 2:11 am

My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 4 thanks to a keen-eyed nursery teacher with experience in these matters. I had always suspected something was wrong but everyone else dismissed it, saying “there was nothing wrong”. Since she has started High School, after disguising it well, we have hit a crises point…now the non-believers are saying..”ahhh yes..see what you mean” Sophie, my daughter, has developed selective mutism as a result of her anxiety and speaks in a high-pitched voice. Her anxiety now controls her life, and needs, and gets, a lot of emotional support from family. However, at school. she is an object of fun and curiosity. The most frustrating thing about the whole thing is, not the Aspergers itself, none of those who love Sophie have a problem with it… it is the ignorance of others! It seems to be a problem for everyone else. Sophie does not speak, if she does, it is very little, therefore she is ignored and considered “a freak”. I wish that the teachers would explain to the so-called “normal” kids what ASD is, and how it effects people like Sophie. Until this happens, ignorance will provide a barrier to understanding. Sophie cannot understand why she does not find the talk of the other girls, interesting. They talk boys, shopping, make-up and clothes (yawn) Sophie wants to talk, the damage to the environment, the ice caps melting, is the world ending in 2012, and do aliens exist? I have learnt to accept that Sophie will always be different, it’s just difficult to get HERSELF to accept it at the moment. I have said, on a more positive note, that sometimes it’s good to be different, and that following “the sheep” provides no individuality. I also told her about some of the greatest names in history who were suspected as having ASD, and that it was probably the fact they were Aspies, that gave them the genius to do what they were famous for. The main thing is, the people that count in Sophie’s life are understanding and love her unconditionally…the rest…well, that’s their problem!

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