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December 2010




St. Basil's Cathedral at night, Russia


Accused molester faces new charges”:

Terror police detain disabled boy”

Sam Harris(AS) case update- “Couple win castle damages appeal”:

School caretaker drowns on end of term river cruise”:

Matthew Brook “Review into decision to cut disabled man’s care”

Results of Review due to be Published August 12

Mother calls for enquiry into disappearance of autistic son”:

Owen Thor Walker Case “It’s a job if you can hack it”:

Paterson signs laws to improve public safety, protect students – Reminder of Jonathon Carey case”:

Row over autism home closure”:

Adam is left stranded by mean theft”:

Jackson SC woman says Police Chief should apologise after he embarassed her and her autistic child”:

Fired disabled worker says McDonald’s biased, sacked after 21 years on the job”:

Jabs plea as measles cases rise”:

NAS “I Exist: help us make a difference in your local area”:

International expert opens specialist home for autistic people”:

WINA drops show over autism cracks”:

AP VIDEO “Radio Host angers parents of autistic children”:

VIDEO “More than 100 autism activists protest in San Fransisco”:

Savage comments draw strong reaction”:

Aflac pulls ads from ‘The Savage Nation”:

Right Wing Rampage: Michael Savage’s Ignorance and Intolerance”:

Radio host Mike Savage tries to clear his name”:,0,5691229.story

Autism groups plan NTC Protest of Michael Savage”:

Autism is not a fraud and asthma isn’t a money racket”:

Kim Stagliano: ABC News’ Dan Childs on Michael Savage and Autism”:

Law Enforcement introduced to “Project Lifesaver” in Aiken County”:

Confronting discrimination against loved ones who are autistic”:



Research sheds light on neural mechanisms responsible for social difficulties in autism”:

Another genetic link in autism: Facial expressions”:

Parents of autistic children are often aloof too”:

Autistic children interact more easily with robots than humans”:

From the Archives “My friend the robot”:,20797,18833119-5003401,00.html

Autism parents ‘infection risk”:

Danish researchers help crack key to schizophrenia”:

Gene mutations reveal schizophrenia’s complexity”:

National survey of pediatric experts indicates increase in infant delays”:



Tim Miller Case Headed for Federal Court – “Special education struggles in school”:

ABLE Magazine “The Parent Trap”:

Website Launch – Dept. for Children, Schools & Families – “Sir Jim Rose asks parents and children for personal experiences of dyslexia”:

Hope for children who need help in class”:

Samana regional workshops an immense success with the participation of over 1600 teachers”:



Upcoming Employment training courses for autistic adults”:

NAS responds to Welfare Reform Green Paper”:

Autistic adult is an entrepreneur”:”:
Individuality, Diversity, Equality, Achievement is an Aspie & Autie friendly site for all people on the Autistic Spectrum who are ready to dare reach out to occupation and employment, open the doors to the community and market their abilities directly to the public and for those interested in supporting these pioneers.


Linking job seekers with vacancies in work related to autism, Aspergers and ASDs

“Current job vacancies within the NAS”:

For further employment information, please view”:



Blogher08 – Blogging about our children with special needs”:—blo.html

Kids with Asperger’s take up journalism”:

Flying can be a rough ride for autistic children, families”:

Toilet training at the right age”:

Driving on the Spectrum”:

How one careless phone call ended Radovan Karadzic’s liberty”

Extract:He told me he was working with an autistic child, so I asked to meet the child and work with him. That’s how our co-operation began.”

She says she last saw him on the Friday morning before he was arrested: “We went together to visit the autistic child. He said he needed to travel, that he was going away for two weeks.”

Christmas on the Red Square, Moscow

A Letter From Moscow”:

Interview with the founders of the Dobro Autism Association in Moscow”:

Moscow by night


  • Dobro Association for Autistic Children Care, Kaszarmenny Per., 4 Str, Apartment 1-2, 109028 Moscow. RUSSIA. tel: 7-095-238-9737 fax: 7-095-292-6511

    Dobro was founded in 1989. Our organisation is a non-profit-making charity. Most of our money comes in the form of grants or donations from other organisations. We try to supply parents with information. We have published 15 books and many articles in newspapers and journals. Sometimes, we appear on television and radio, but not so often. We also have a small group of students who work here. It’s very small now – 12 students – and we have three or four consultations a week with parents of children with autism in Moscow and from other parts of Russia.

Russian Flag


Director EveryChild, Russia JOHANNA ROGERS set up the Russia programme of the Christian Children’s Fund of Great Britain in 1993 and went on to become Regional Director of the European Children’s Trust in 1997-2001, before becoming Director of EveryChild’s programme in Russia. ROGERS’ expertise lies in programme management, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation. She has worked on a range of children’s issues including de-institutionalisation of children’s services, inclusive education for children with disabilities and development of innovative community based support services for children and families. ROGERS has also carried out consultancy tasks for UNICEF, DFID, USAID and TACIS as well as managing EveryChild’s projects. She lives and works in St Petersburg.

Colours of Russia

Russia Facts, Videos and Maps”:

Moscow Lights

Best of Moscow & Photo Gallery”:

Peterhof, near St Petersburg

Best of St. Petersburg & Photo Gallery”:



Expelled ADHD teenager was ‘discriminated against”:‘discriminated-against’.html

Gov’t adds two new ADHD drugs to formulary to combat Ritalin abuse”:

Ortho-McNeil talks ADHD on Facebook”:

Camp to help ADHD children transition to middle school”:

Study examines stigma associated with ADHD” ”:

Celebrity designer and ADHD spokesperson Ty Pennington partners with Shire to announce the launch of VYVANSE(TM) by Shire Limited”:

ADHD increasingly common in older kids, CDC says”:

CDC: About 5% of kids have ADHD”:”
Our objective is to promote awareness to AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and to provide information and as much free practical help as we can to affected by the condition, both adults and children, their families in the UK and around the World via this website.

“ADDISS” The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service…


“hi2u ADHD Pages”:


Daniel Bedingfield

Daniel was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) at the age of 4 and has said the experience has been reflected in his song-writing.



Joe Ellis, Chairman of NAKMAS(National Association of Karate and Martial Art Schools) has Asperger Syndrome”:

Grab a ‘Pisa’ the action: trek Tuscany this September!”:

Sky diving: take the plunge for the NAS”:

“Support NAS Scotland … by eating Sunday lunch”:

“The London Triathlon 2008 – 9th-10th August”:

“Adidas Women’s 5k Challenge – 7th September, 2008”:

Derry, Northern Ireland – Waterside Half Marathon – 13th September, 2008”:

Donegal ‘Mooathon’ 2008 – 28th September – ‘the wildest, most fun half-marathon you will ever do! It’s also an excellent warm-up race for the adidas Dublin Marathon in October.’:

Dublin Marathon – 27th October, 2008”:

Newcastle & Portsmouth “BUPA Great North Run 2008 – World’s Biggest Half Marathon – 5th October”:

“Sahara Desert Trek – 8th-15th November, 2008”:

“Cycle China 2009 – 19th-29th March”:

“Trek the Inca Trail 2009 – 14th-23rd May”:

“Trek Jordan 2009 – 10th-14th September”:

Countdown to Beijing Olympics”:



Stephen Shore “Music for the Child on the Autism Spectrum”:



Art and autism”:

Edvard Munch”

WebMuseum, Paris:

Biography and much more:;jsessionid=4fc64rtac76h3?tname=edvard-munch&curtab=2222_1&hl=brooding&sbid=lc05a

Artist Profile “M”

The artist known as “M”, was born in eastern Europe. His age today is 55 years.
His family was destructed by the results of nazism like death, flight and persecution.
“I was grown up by my mother and grandmother near Dresden. Although I didn’t know my father personally, I spent a normal childhood, later in my life I understood, it was not as normal as I thought…I never was a child”. After absolving school he worked in different jobs. Not able to stay at one place for a longer time he couldn’t integrate himself into the social systems around him. “It seemed to be a dead-end way. So, when I was 19 Years old , I left home.I had a long trip and saw a lot of cities in Europe: Vienna, Milan, Amsterdam, London, Paris. At this time I liked to visit churches as shelter and there I looked up to the paintings and sculptures, it was like another world, some kind of communication took place, I didn’t really understand, but it was important for me…”. “Later I visited museums. First at winter time only, because it was warm there contrary to the churches. There I found again this undefined world talking to me, giving me emotions I never had before…” He became a tramp between different worlds: doing occasional jobs for his daily life and beside being a painter, but only in his imagination.
“I had no academic art education like the painters I saw in the Museums, as well I felt myself an artist. Into my dreams I was a painter, who was able to fix the floating pictures I saw behind my closed eyes. I tried to do copies at the museums but those didn’t bring the results I wanted, it wasn’t my imagination what I saw there on my sketchpad.I did a lot, but I destroyed it. So it should take its time till I ventured to try to do it on my own…”.
In his late 20th he discovered the south of France “…a place which called me…” He is still living and working there. An independent existence, he doesn’t look for audience nor discourses about his art.The small sized watercolor paintings on cardboard are the result of his “un-housed” life. “I am at home into myself !” He has no stable domicile and supports himself by little jobs and social institutions as well. Staying a tramp between different realities of places, pictures and thoughts, he is travelling between several towns, villages and “outdoor – stations”, in a well developed system of movement, which he needs to survive. He doesn’t accept to be photographed or taken on a movie, and even when I explained to him the necessities for selling his paintings he said: “I don’t paint for sale. If You pay, I thank you, but it’s your problem.” Since about three Years he works more or less regular but not obsessive. He suffers not of a mental illness in a medical sense, although he sees and understands the world in his own way.
Beside this biographical details I noticed before, which I heard from him several times and now again, by my insisting questions, he invents stories, like he does his drawings and believes in it. “…I only paint what I see…!”
When I asked him to sign his drawings, he chose “M” because I gave him the nickname “Monsieur”- in revenge he is not a “Monsieur” at all.



Full Casting Has Been Announced for stage Version of Rainman

Stockley, Stinton, Daish and Blackwood will join Hartnett and Godley in Rain Man”:

A documentary to remember”:

Extraordinary People: The Rainman Twins, five, 9pm
by Merle Brown
I have trouble remembering what day of the week it is in real time, never mind knowing what day of the week it was on January 14, 1956. But then I am not an autistic savant. Flo and Kay are, however – and these 52-year-old twins from New Jersey were the subject of a fascinating documentary from five.

There are around 100 autistic savants in the world, perhaps the most famous a man called Joseph, who could do impossibly huge arithmetical calculations in his head, and became the basis for Dustin Hoffman’s character in the award-winning film Rain Man.

For Flo and Kay, their “special skill” resides in memory, and they can reel off artists and release dates when given simply the name of a song. It was both fascinating and freaky at the same time. Over the course of the documentary, experts attempted to account for the twins’ behaviour. Their obsessions and compulsions were attributed to their autism, which also went some way to explaining their compulsive viewing of a US gameshow called The $100,000 Pyramid and subsequent adoration of its host, Dave Clark. Thanks to a local news anchor, Dave Wagner, who had been filming the twins on and off for 13 years, Flo and Kay were able to meet Clark and build a friendship with him.

Savantism in itself cannot be explained, although the twins did a fair job, simply describing themselves as “human computers”.

Sympathetically filmed, this touching portrayal of two amazing women, also delivered some shocking details about their lives. Their mother tried to gas them when they were little girls. After the death of their parents, their sister Jane looked after them, but she died suddenly from a heart attack. It was touching, too, to see how distressed the twins were when Dave Clark suffered a stroke.

The documentary didn’t try to provide much academic or scientific context for any of this, instead letting the subjects themselves give the viewer a feel of what it’s like to live the way they do. The film showed that, for all the faults of modern society, it is sometimes still possible to celebrate those who are different.

Mark Haddon – “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time “

The film rights to Curious Incident have been bought by Heyday (the makers of Harry Potter) together with Brad Grey (producer of The Sopranos) and Brad Pitt in their first acquisition for Warner Bros. Screenwriter Steven Kloves, the man responsible for writing the Harry Potter blockbusters, will be adapting it so expect a high profile marketing campaign in the near future.



Colleen McCullough, Author of “Tim” – “Vision allows writer back into the light”:,25197,24079559-23289,00.html

Coming Soon “The Girl Who Spoke with Pictures: Autism Through Art”

Author: Eileen Miller Foreword by Robert Nickel MD

Illustrated by Kim Miller

Coming Soon DVD “Life & Learning with Autistic Spectrum Diffability”

Wendy Lawson

Divider “Asperger Syndrome and Employment: What People with Asperger Syndrome Really Really Want”

Author: Sarah Hedrickx

New “Concepts of Normality: The Autistic and Typical Spectrum”

Author: Wendy Lawson Foreword by Lucy Clark

New “Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger’s Syndrome: The Way of the Pathfinder”

Author: Ron Rubio

Forewords by Irene Brody and Anthony Castrogiovanni

Coming Out Asperger: Diagnosis, Disclosure and Self-Confidence”

Edited by Dinah Murray

Getting IT: Using information technology to empower people with communication difficulties”

Authors: Dinah Murray and Ann Aspinall

Autism – The Eighth Colour of the Rainbow: Learn to Speak Autistic”

Author: Florica Stone

Asperger Syndrome – What Teachers Need to Know”

Author: Matt Winter

Blue Bottle Mystery- An Asperger Adventure”

Author: Kathy Hoopmann

Inventions in the News

In closing, on the invention front, the electronics company, Philips, have developed a new system to assist the blind/visually impaired…”Smart Specs”

For the latest robotics-wise…

From the Archives:


For all things WALL-E, something for the children…

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Russian Sunset/Shatursky, Moskovskaya Oblast

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