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December 2010




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Abubakar Tariq Nadama “Charges dropped in Pa. Case of autistic boy given wrong drug”:

“Autistic adults to be audited”:

“US measles outbreak linked to anti-vaccine parents”:

“Autism bill gets nod”:

“Congress passes bill barring genetic discrimination”:

Kathleen Seidel “Court rules for blogger in subpoena case”:

Kathleen Seidel “A forceful voice in autism debate”:

“Store drops anti-yob device in autism row”:

Melbourne, Australia “Forum for autism carers” – Saturday, 24th May with Donna Williams:

“NAS Cymru welcomes Assembly Government Action Plan”:

NAS “Social care services: make your voice heard”:

“NAS Conference 2008 – 19th-20th September, 2008”

Location: Novotel London West

Campaign “Think Differently About Autism”:

“ANI presents AUTREAT” – Monday – Friday, June 23 – 27, 2008

Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania

The Autreat Information Page:
http://ani.autistic html

This year’s presentations:
http://ani.autistic ntations. html

Online registration form:
http://ani.autistic rm.php

Download a pdf registration form:
http://ani.autistic 08booklet. Pdf

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“Schizophrenia linked to ‘rare and unique genetic glitches”:

“Mental disorders in parents linked to autism in children”:

“Anti-psychotic drug use soars in UK children, too”:

Northern Ireland “NI autism treatment ‘unacceptable”:

“Surprising language abilities in autistic children”:

“Autistic mannerisms reduced by sensory treatment”:

“Smell linked to post traumatic stress”:

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“Consortium created to better educate autistic students”:

“Grants help ready Colchester kids for kindergarten”:

AUSTRALIA “School’s in as teachers strike a deal”:

UK “Teachers ‘need better training”:

Distance Learning – “Earning Online High School and Online College Degrees From Home”

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Individuality, Diversity, Equality, Achievement is an Aspie & Autie friendly site for all people on the Autistic Spectrum who are ready to dare reach out to occupation and employment, open the doors to the community and market their abilities directly to the public and for those interested in supporting these pioneers.


Linking job seekers with vacancies in work related to autism, Aspergers and ASDs:

“Job Vacancies within the NAS”:

Want to Work at NASA?

NASA is more than astronauts. We are scientists, engineers, computer programmers, personnel specialists, accountants, writers, maintenance workers and many, many other kinds of people. At the NASAJobs Web site, you can review job listings, post a resume and even apply for a NASA job online.

At NASAJobs students can find opportunities for internships, cooperative programs and summer employment.

For all the diversity of NASA’s workforce, the question, “How can I become an astronaut?” is very common. The answer depends on where you are now and where you want to go.

If you haven’t finished high school yet, former astronaut Dr. Sally K. Ride has these suggestions for you:

“The most important steps that I followed were studying math and science in school. I was always interested in physics and astronomy and chemistry, and I continued to study those subjects through high school and college on into graduate school. That’s what prepared me for being an astronaut; it actually gave me the qualifications to be selected to be an astronaut. I think the advice that I would give to any kids who want to be astronauts is to make sure that they realize that NASA is looking for people with a whole variety of backgrounds: they are looking for medical doctors, microbiologists, geologists, physicists, electrical engineers. So find something that you really like and then pursue it as far as you can and NASA is apt to be interested in that profession.”

If you’ve graduated from college or are in the military, and you’re ready to apply, here’s how

“NASA Jobs”:

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“Asperger’s and IT: Dark secret or open secret?”:

“Natural Learning Concepts shine the spotlight on remarkable people in “Life on the Spectrum”:

“Adapting to the possibilities of life”:

“Scout’s play to benefit autism camp”:

“A couple say visiting Disney World helps unlock their autistic son’s closed world”:,0,898399.story?page=1

“Sensory Comfort”:

“Rainbow Research” (scent-free products):


New “What Is Dyslexia?

A Book Explaining Dyslexia for Kids and Adults to Use Together”

Author: Alan M. Hultquist


Hyperlexia – “When Babies Read”

Author: Audra Jenson

Comprehensive Guide “Well Known People with Disabilities”:

“Famous People with Asperger Syndrome or Similar Traits”:

“Famous People with Asperger Syndrome”:

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“American Heart Association recommends children receive heart screening before taking stimulant medications”:

“Adderall abuse found at many schools”:

“Study: To help ADHD kids, help mothers”:

“Teen drivers with ADHD: Realities and Risk Factors”:

“ADHD and Children Who are Gifted”:


Our objective is to promote awareness to AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and to provide information and as much free practical help as we can to affected by the condition, both adults and children, their families in the UK and around the World via this website.


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“The London Triathlon 2008 – 9th 10th August”:

“Sky diving: take the plunge for the NAS”:

“Adidas Women’s 5k Challenge – 7th September, 2008”:

NAS “Track our Tulip Ride fundraisers with TomTom”:

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“Culleoka student achieves harmony through his music”:

“Music for ASD”:

music icon“Do Re Mi in the Key of C”

Young children love to sing. Non-verbal children on the autism spectrum often find their voice through song. So it comes as no surprise that Debra Wesemann-Siebert(mother of 4 children, 2 of whom are diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum), would use her talents and 20+ years of experience teaching piano and voice to help children on the spectrum learn and grow through music. The result is an engaging, delightful, interactive DVD geared for preschoolers. Children can sing, dance and learn to play simple sequences on their own piano while building fine motor skills, learning rhythm, melody and harmony, as well as practicing reading, matching and imitation skills. Best of all, parents do not need any music training to use the DVD with their children. Colour co-ordinated puppets introduce each segment: do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti do. Kids voices and kid-shaped music keep children engaged, with minimal adult training. 35 mins

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“World Autism Awareness Day – Don’t ‘Dis’ The Ability … Artworks by Individuals on the Autism Spectrum”:

TEIXIERA MENDES – also known as the Brazilian Picasso

A world renowned artist and master of his craft, Brazilian born Teixeira Mendes paints exclusively for the Veronica Bird Charitable Foundation’s Ahead With Autism Art Gallery.

By selecting and adroitly recombining elements through plastic means – reshapes that which his eyes have registered, his head has pondered, and his heart has enfolded.

All his life the artist has pursued this course, making no indictment, pointing no accusing finger. Offering no apologies, shunning rationalization, always facing up to things as they are.

Drawing on its European roots, Teixeira Mendes’ painting invites the viewer to luxuriate and leads him though a catharsis, helping him shed the shackles of oppression, of barrenness, and of a man’s inability to fit into or be the master of his times.

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VIDEO William Stillman “The Soul of Autism”:

“Actors for Autism”:

“Today’s Man”:

“Navigating life with humor and bewilderment – Today’s Man”:

“Jackson Sandwich”:

BIPOLAR FILM “Living the Roller-coaster”:

In Conjunction “The Icarus Project”:

“Filmaker’s Library – Psychology”:

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VIDEO “Autism awareness book fair”:

“Autism resource library follows in teacher’s passion”:

“Why Bogart’s Kiss is your Kiss, His Soda your Soda”:

New “Autistics Guide To Dating”

A Book by Autistics, for Autistics and Those Who Love Them or Who Are in Love with Them

Authors: Emilia Murry Ramey and Jody John Ramey

New “Love, Sex and Long-Term Relationships”

What People With Asperger Syndrome Really Really Want

Author: Sarah Hendrickx

Foreword by Stephen M. Shore

New “Living Sensationally”

Understanding Your senses

Author: Winnie Dunn

New “Providing Practical Support for People with ASD”

Supported Living in the Community

Author: Denise Edwards

Coming Soon “Asperger Syndrome and Alcohol”

Drinking to Cope?

Authors: Matthew Tinsley and Sarah Hendrickx

Foreword by Temple Grandin

Coming Soon “How to Make School Make Sense”

A Parent’s Guide to Helping the Child with Asperger Syndrome

Author: Clare Lawrence

Foreword by Tony Attwood

Outstanding Site & Accompanying Book
“Asperger Solution”

Highly Recommended Read
“Asperger Solution”

Author: Kevin Foley BA (Hons) Econ. PGCE

Having seen his son struggle with the demands of the mainstream, Kevin Foley now believes that:

“Too many children with AS suffer ‘meltdown’ as a result of being forced to operate in environments that test their immature executive, social, and emotional skills to breaking point – and beyond. We need to ‘personalise’ our children’s education so that this doesn’t happen. We need to cast a cold eye on what currently passes for ‘inclusion’ and be aware of the intrusion and exclusion that is the daily reality for many of our children in mainstream schools.”


In closing, since NASA is celebrating its “50th Anniversary of scientific and technological excellence”, now’s as good a time as any to reflect and take in a little history as well as explore a great new site!  Dr. Temple Grandin (an autistic adult) who became a successful engineer, academic and speaker, once famously called NASA a sheltered workshop for those who are autistic/AS.  She believes that people on the spectrum are the great innovators, and “if the world was left to you socialites, nothing would get done and we would still be in caves talking to each other.”

Their 50th Anniversary website is filled to the brim with featured events, image gallery, history and more…:

Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking’s Lecture Series for NASA ~ discussing the benefits provided by space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research to the economy, education, health, and the environment:

Something for the younger members of the family ~ “Cool NASA Stuff for Kids” ~ “NASA Kids’ Club”:

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Till next time,

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